GodWeapon down and Anti3D disallowing "Good" connections

Dark days ahead for kaillera :frowning:
Looks like west coast people are just a little more screwed than before.
What’s the point of upping your server limit to 90 people if you’re going to limit who can play with who properly?
I don’t know if they know this, but excellent only works well if the 2 people have relatively the same ping.

It might actually be better for WC players. GW going down forces people to play on other servers. WC folks should start frequenting our WC server: I always check this one first, before GW or anti3d, when logging into kaillera, but there’s never anybody online there.

I dunno, people splitting up like that doesn’t seem all that great to me.
Less people to play = Lose
The population’s already dropped.
Maybe 50-60ish people at peak hours instead of 100, and the people on during the day never runs past like 30.

EDIT: Seems they’ve lifted the excellent crap. Guess they either realized it was flawed, or they got a shitload of complaints. Probably both.

This is what baffles me. I go to a place like Family Fun, and there are a bunch of people always playing, esp. on Friday and Saturday nights. Hell, there must be many people on the West Coast who play fighting games. And somehow, I don’t see why Koreans would ever care to hack a WC server, as opposed to an EC server, or hack any server for that matter (somebody on the forums once replied that it was a result of this)!!

Ahem, why the fuck are there so few people who play on the WC servers? It’s not like the WC doesn’t have any competition.

Probably just because nobody’s ever logged onto them…kinda like a self-fulfilling prophecy or summat? Nobody’s ever on, so nobody ever logs on, so nobody’s ever on, etc etc. :frowning:

Well, that makes sense. But damn, there has to be a way to raise awareness about that server. I’m tired of playing with 90 plus ping in God Weapon. It doesn’t bother me that much, of course, as much as it bothers the fuck out of the person I’m playing.

I’ve noticed that lots of scrubby people like to play on good. Nobody good (excuse the pun) wants to play on anything less than Excellent. You try to get a scrub to play on excellent and they’ll whine or bail pretty quickly. It’s always some nonsense about it being unplayable…why…because you can finally react to things a bit?

My finals are over in about 3 weeks…actually, a bit less than that I think. I might play a bit if there are actual servers and players on the WC.

It actually has never been proven that changing the connection type actually does something to the game speed or delay. I haven’t seen the difference, and it is most likely a superstition. I notice I have big delay no matter what connection type I am using. I’ll have to try out “Bad” connection type some day to see if there is a major difference if you use an even worse type of connection.

Never played on lan or bad, but have on everything else due to the other person requesting. I don’t remember if low made much of a dramatic difference, but i can feel excellent being a teeny bit faster, don’t know exactly but it just seems it sometimes, but I have also had my friends say it feels like they are delayed and fucks up their timing. Excellent and good just seem to be the main preference and I don’t see the point in using the others really unless someone asks. Otherwise everyone will continue to pile in on good since it is the default.

Excellent only works well if your ping is close.
If it’s more than like 20-30 or so ms apart then it doesn’t run all that well.