GodWeapon Server Back-Up

The IP to the new GW server is spread the word out so ppl know this time Westcoast and Eastcost should have decnet pings. Give it a try.

I’m in the Midwest and I have the worst ping I have ever had on a Kaillera server in the United States. It’s like 79 ms?

Are there plans to go back to the old one?

My ping used to be 70 on GW and now it’s like 80 or 90 something.

I found a better home on DaROMs where my ping is usually 46 or 47.

Wheres GW located now? Word was that it was in NY, but I, being closer to NY than FL, have noticed my ping about double what it used to be.

The mystery of internet pipes :stuck_out_tongue:


aka “Series of Tubes”. :smokin:


godweapon sucks now. NoX Regulator treats everybody like their servants… Donate because its your birthday? Fuck you! DaRoms is the future of online gaming!



DaRoms is not so good…full of laggy mexicans and the server does not have some commands that the newest emulinker has (such as #maxping, to prevent people with high pings from joining).

axor u have no room to even talk I have kept GW up and open to everyone for almost 4 years. In total i have spent over 6-8 grand. What have you contributed in the past 4 years you fat bastard? All you were good at is talking down on the people that pay for the server or help make it better? Why do you think everyone was at my server for the 4 years? If i decide to open a better GW where do you think they will go? Go crawl under a rock and hide before someone beats your face in since you dont know how to shut your mouth.

Those same people just moved to Daroms and are messing things up there.

It’s not GW’s fault.

I got to be honest with all of you number freaks, due to how emulinker is programmed and how fast a millisecond is, a 30ms increase/decrease in your ping isn’t very noticeable. Especially on a <Good> connection type where input is sent on every 3rd frame.

The admins on DaRoms suck. They are usually never there, and they go way too easy on the idiots. The things they have pulled there would never fly in GW, and never have.

hmm…think the server is in brooklyn, NY. Regardless of its location, its still Emulinker. Delay = worst ping + connection overhead + mayb a bit more if that amount is still lower than calculated throughput or mass lag. someone bloody fix it.


5.4 frames of lag for a3 is terrible enough, ~7.4 isn’t even worth playing no matter how badly I want to. but anyway I applaud your efforts on emulinker. rep.

I use to only play on the old GW server now my order of preference:

Anti3d > emularena grounds > DaRoms > GW

Not sure where you came up with 5.4 lol but it works like this:

[1] Lan connection = send on every frame [1 frame of input]
[2] Excellent connection = send on every 2nd frame [2 frames of input]
[3] Good connection = send on every 3rd frame [3 frames of input]

Ping = How long it takes for your send to reach the server and back to you.

Then there is frame delay which is supposed to be calculated automatically but Emulinker chose to not use this therefore resulting in a harcoded value of 2. Which btw is why higher pings have trouble playing.

Frame Delay = Connection Type * (Delay Value + 1);

Example: {Connection Type = [3] Good, Delay Value = 2}
Frame Delay = 3 * (2 + 1) = 9

All users who don’t use EmulinkerSF’s /setdelay command will experience a 9 frame delay on a Good connection on Emulinker.

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What have i contributed with? Raping players on your server and showing them how a real player plays.
Where has my money gone? Playing at local arcades and helping develop a local SCENE.

We don’t see you in the local Miami scene? what happened to you there? Lag abusing online wonder.

Don’t kid yourself, You suck at fighting games, You suck at life, your server sucks, and you are the one living under a rock managing your little online kaillera server you “fat fuck”


I don’t have a problem with an increase in pings, but I went from a 48 ms ping to a 98 ms ping. That is a little too high for me ? I have a lower ping on all of the North American servers, and people don’t take kindly to you when your ping is nearly 100 ms.

I love supporting Kaillera and GodWeapon, but I’m hoping that the server move is temporary and that plans are made to go back to a similar server like the previous one.