GodWeapon Server up Again... Did you think I was gonna let it die?

Hell no! Here is the IP to the NEW GW server

Spread the word ladies and gents!

I began working on a revision of Emulinker’s gaming algorithm…ie coding it to how it’s suppose to operate.

Different Connection Type support and Different Input Delay support automatically calculated based on ping.

Example: someone on a 200ping on a bad connection will be able to play someone on a 15ping excellent connection. The 200ping user will feel his rather large delay and connection type vs the 15ping user will feel his small delay and connection type.

Emulinker has made most regular users forget or not even experience Kaillera gameplay as it should. I’m doing my best to get it up and running.

First release will be in GodWeapon so come play and let’s rebuild the community that once was.

S’already dead.

its not dead yet ppl just dont know its up =)
Daroms doesnt even let u speak the word GW in there first thing that happened to me was silence and ban because its ran by a bunch of fags who do not want to lose the user base!! talk about sad.

it will be back.

daroms atm is full of idiots and spammers and they have log in problems.

the sheer irony of this statement is astounding


I second that.

btw supra… Something interesting of the official binary has been brought to my attention. Apparently, the instruction unpacking algorithm for a n byte packet in the official client is in the order of n * log(n) for n no of fields(something like that anyway…). There is a special “load bytes” method in the instruction object which all other loading methods use which copies the specified no of bytes into the buffer (e.g. 4 for an integer field…1 for a byte field…etc…) and then slides the entire buffer right by that many bytes so the base of the allocated memory block points to next set of values in the buffer.
So if you have a 20 kb server status packet and say has an average field size of 3 bytes in the packet… u’ll need to have done 20 * 1024 / 3 ~ 8000 buffer sliding(memcpys) …well u do the match.


its sad that they cant even keep their userbase after cap’ing daroms user list. but then again they deserve it so who really cares

Yeah, that is a low blow. It’s not like Daroms even wanted all those people coming in. I’d play in Reps before GW now.

What did they do to deserve it?

BTW Daroms is up, you just have to spam 50 or so times to get in there. It just looks full due to the assault on the server.

I don’t think it was proven that an admin from GW hacked daroms…nor any wild accusations about Nox hiring hackers.

I would have to agree. As much as I dislike Nox, it’s too early to be slinging accusations. The timing is a little too convenient though.

GW vs Daroms
A fight to the death

If it is an attack…I strongly doubt that it was Nox. As desperate as he is, isn’t educated enough to put together something like this. This is the work of someone as disturbed, a little bit more educated with connection to GW.

But well…all I’m gona say is “Emulinker servers.”

well if you say that, moosehead’s server is being attacked too, which only leaves one other person…

but I would hope he isn’t that pathetic.

Moosehead’s server doesn’t get that many users to begin with, so there isn’t really much reason to attack it.

Man, DaRoms is crap to me anyway… I always experience gross lag on that server, and I have a decent ping there, too. (46ms)

There’s always drama in the chatroom, and people getting banned/silenced for the dumbest things because the most ridiculous people have the power to do that.

Not saying that this doesn’t happen on other servers, but I swear it’s amplified on DaRoms. As of recent, I can’t even get in that server, but it’s no big deal.