GodWeapon West Coast Server

Now get going!

lets hope this west coast server doesnt fall off like all the other ones =\

seems inevitable :sad:

Im there

need more wc players to join spread the word its out ppl over got like 0 ping means 0 button delay. Try it out at least before ya talk $%(^ about it cause i know alot of peeps over there hate online gaming =).

Hmm, wonder what happened to Phizzle Dizzle; it was ok in terms of lag on most days.

GW west dead?

no ill restart it tonight

Like it was never there.

I’ve logged onto that server for two or three weeks, now, only to find a few people playing Mario games, Champion Edition, and Time Pilot – if there’s anyone there at all.

Anyone know or got any theories why West Coast participation is so poor? Is it just the momentum of the East Coast servers combined with Kaillera’s assorted stigmas and the general decline of interest in 2D fighting games?

It is no fun to log on to an East Cost server, beat a fairly good player wth multiple characters, then have him take advantage of my 0.25- to 0.5-second delay by playing Old Ken, Magneto, Felicia, or Talbain – or worse, moving into tournament play mode and relentlessly turtling with Dee Jay, Demitri, or Rikuo.

I need good ping in order to combat certain styles of play. Especially against turtles, I need to be able to use their reactionary style to my advantage, which I find very difficult if I have to perform my moves 250 to 500 milliseconds before they come out.

Come on, West Coast! I know that the best players are here, come out and play!

– Milo