Godzilla #1 Variants (Does your comic store have one?)


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I don’t think it was possible to beat out the “Deadpool on everything” variant that Marvel had a while back. But this managed to beat it…

I might have to pick up my stores variant. Its a pretty nice collectible.
Also… The store to the right of it (with the phone number of Harbor above it) is actually a gay hangout called Down Under. lol
http://i55.tinypic.com/apitf6.jpg As you can clearly see. (Old picture in googlemaps, Harbor moved into what used to be the tailor shop)


Ha! I wish one of my local places got one, but midtown is cool enough, I guess. Regardless of the cover variants, I’ve been pretty excited about this new Powell book.


Nice promotion! Haven’t read a Godzilla comic since the Marvel one from the '70s. I read some of a translated manga. Would be nice to read about Godzilla again. “GOJIRA GOJIRA!” :lovin:


Only one’s near me are Hastings and Bedrock City, but being “chain” stores I doubt they would have the copy, nor would I want to buy it.

Still interesting promotion for sure.