Godzilla: King of the Monsters May 2019.Trailer out!


1st post edited to reflect 2019 Legendary pictures Godzilla: King of the Monsters


When are they are ever going to remake Godzilla vs King Kong? I know they tried in 1990 but Ted Turner demanded way too much money!

I personally would like to see Godzilla vs Paul Bunyan.


YES!!! I just came in my pants!!! <3333


it’s the end of the world , giant monsters reign !


my favorite is still Terror of MechaGodzilla. But I am excited for the new stuff. Too bad it will probably be corny. Oh well. :rock::rock::rock:


I’d like to see Godzilla fight:

  1. The power rangers
  2. Voltron (We all know who would win, BLAZING SWORD!!)
  3. The flying spaghetti monster (I just threw this in for fun, no offense to anyone)
  4. King Kong
  5. Ultraman


I’m pretty skeptical considering the horrid remakes of Godzilla in the recent past.

Here’s your formula, movie people:




I’d actually care more to know when the next Toho Godzilla movie is coming out, but this will have to do (and it better not suck).


Hopefully they do King Ghidora, Space Godzilla and Orga.


This is awesome and yes, I agree with the point about less human storylines.


This is awesome, more story focus on Godzilla destroying Tokyo. I got the Godzilla Collection (which feature all his movies except Final Wars), didn’t know there were Godzilla fans on SRK. :lovin:


needs a music video by puffy


i thought you meant the game at first…



You do realize that nothing beats Godzilla. At most he gets sleepy or bored.

I for one am excited to welcome a new attempt at making a movie of our mutated lizard overlord. All hail the king of the monsters!


aights, the official SRK Zilla #1 fan is here

first of all, however it is done, it NEEDS to be a human in a cgi mocap suit. One of the things about Godzilla that made him so badass was that he had a human characteristic to it (due to a dude in a rubber suit)…once they made it a giant lizard,shit went south FAST.

  1. Next, no more “oh its just a giant animal lost in a big city”

  2. Godzilla was teh mother fucking harbinger of destruction, and he didn’t accidentally break shit, he showed up to fucking annihilate everything u knew and loved

  3. BREATHE FIRE. None of this ignitable breath that people just drive away from. Make him breath the crazy blue radioactive death that made him oh so popular.

  4. Make sure TOHO is involved every step of the way.

  5. Setup Ghidorah, and tie in the original Godzilla movie. Do not try to make this the ‘first’ Godzilla movie. Acknowledge the first or fail, period.

  6. Seeing as Ghidorah is being setup, the best solution to the major Godzilla problem (big G has to fight big monsters) would be to make Mecha/Cyber Godzilla (follow the cartoons example which they stole from me, and use the corpse of a previous Godzilla and enhance it).

  7. DO NOT KILL GODZILLA. Man, I remember before the piece of shit Hollywood skullfuck came out, I kept wondering how they would kill Zilla…then I found out he gets tangled in some wires and gets hit with a few missiles. WTF? First of all, EVERY PIECE OF MILITARY ASSET (Tanks, jets, troops, etc) needs to be fucking slaughtered by Godzilla. The only thing that should hurt him is either an ultimate weapon, or another giant monster. Not missiles.

  8. Up the fear level. Godzilla shouldn’t just show up in one town, and wait to be defeated. In like 99% of the previous G movies, he would show up at like 7 different cities throughout the movie, and just kinda walk up on shore, fuck shit up, then go back into the ocean and move on to another city. Same thing here. If you wanna make Godzilla fearsome, don’t just show up in NYC and break a few things, then die. DESTROY EVERY LAST FUCKING BRICK IN NEW YORK. Then move on.

  9. Shoot one writer to prove a point. Seriously, half of the last debacle was the stupid ‘joke’ about how the main characters name (Matt Broderick playing Nico Tatopolous or whatever) was hard to pronounce, which is only because it was the same last name as the writer.

I disagree somewhat. Every Godzilla movie had human storylines, the difference being that there weren’t 9 of them happening at once, with characters all over the place, and a mayor/assistant mayor that mysteriously looked like Siskel and Ebert, who were NOT AFRAID. Seriously, how am I supposed to care what happens to a city when everybody involved knows they can easily kill Godzilla once they hit it, and the mayor is just pissed that he might lose votes.
Keep it fucking simple, and have a minor love plot, and maybe a good guys vs bad guys who wanna control/clone Godzilla subplot, but don’t waste more than 20 minutes on all human plots, combined.




Okay, guys here’s what’s up with Godzilla. I am very excited, but there’s a lot of things that can and have already gone wrong.

First off, SoVi3t, I don’t know if getting Godzilla to actually fight against Ghidrah can happen. Back in the mid to late 90s, when Sony was trying to get the rights to the Godzilla franchise it came with a high price tag of $10 million. Sony tried to go the high route and wanted one of two enemies for Godzilla to fight: Ghidrah or Mothra. Toho said Sony could have any monsters they want except those two. Either of them would have been an additional $10 million. Each.

So Sony would have needed to dump $20 million, and that’s before any talent or special effects get budgeted.

Sony knew what they were doing.

Then they got a kick-ass script, which I can show anyone a copy of, written by Ted Elliot and Terry Rosio, the same writing team that gave us the original Pirates of the Carribbean and Shrek. I have read the script, and it is fucking awesome. Godzilla was powerful as shit, not this little pussy running away from the military and getting killed by missiles. Fucking missiles, are you fucking kidding me? It included another monster for Godzilla to fight, and, if they got the rights, could have easily swapped the Griffin monster for Ghidrah.

Then they got Jan de Bont, the director of Speed, to do the movie. Sony genuinely wanted this to be the greatest movie of all time.

But, money became an issue. It would have cost too much money. Jan was out and then Sony went another direction with the script. They tapped Roland Emmerich, the hot shit writer and director from Independence Day.

Want to know the most fucked up part? Emmerich went away on vacation for two weeks to work on the script. Two fucking weeks!

The film got greenlit, Sony execs never really got a good look at what the film was like and ultimately, we got the piece of shit in 1998.

I say Will Smith should have been the star of the film, not Ferris fucking Bueller.

Hopefully, this new film does Godzilla justice. Depending on who they get to write and direct this the film can be a huge success without a big-name cast.


my first choice for another big monster for Godzilla to fight is obviously King Ghidorah…who other than his major nemesis? besides, he would look fuckin awesome in CGI.

giant monsters other than Ghidorah i’d like to see rumble with godzilla (not all at once, just one or a few i dont care) are:
FUCKIN RODAN! The fire rodan version from Godzilla vs Mechagodzilla 2
Mothra/Battra duo
Monster X (from Final Wars…who ended up becoming Ghidorah anyway hahaha)
Bagon (the last boss in Super Godzilla)

fuckkk, sorry about the confusion. That is actually a big favorite of mine…King of the Monsters 2 was a BITCH to beat.
but when i think king of the monsters, its always been godzilla first. totally forgot people could confuse the two


Bring back Megalon, he’s only ever appeared once and [media=youtube]o6qAIaqK3_Q"[/media]


Fuck Megalon, the guy was garbage tier.