Godzilla: King of the Monsters May 2019.Trailer out!


Everyone always forgets that Hedorah mutilated the FUCK out of Big G.

Melted that nigga’s hand and blinded him in one eye before going down.

Yeah, the movie was kinda shitty, but smog monster did work.


Smoke anything is no joke.

That’s smoke.
At thousands of degrees, full of ash and volcanic fragments, and moving 200+ miles per hour.
(a pyroclastic flow, to be precise; these = FUCK going ANYWHERE that is within 200 miles of any active volano. NOPE)
Smoke is no joke.


Everyone bringing up the Nolan Bat-films needs to remember that even if they used Joker in the 2nd film, they used Bane in the 3rd. I mean, Joker is more iconic, but Bane broke the Batman’s back.

I just realized that Hedorah could possibly happen considering one of the producers now is Yoshimitsu Banno, aka the guy who directed Godzilla vs Hedorah.

I saw base it on his Millenium design. The 4 legged Kaiser Ghidora.


Link? Despite being a pretty big Godzilla fan as a kid, I never got the chance to see too many of the movies.


This movie started off as a 3D remake of Godzilla vs Hedorah.

Biollante and MechaGodzilla have to get saved for when humanity finally decides to take on Godzilla themselves.


Aside from the 4 legs, he’s also got functional looking wings now.

Best part though is when he pulls a Frieza (as Monster X) and proclaims that “this is not my final form” before transforming and beating the fuck out of the Big G.

Speaking of which, Final Wars did good with some of the designs. The new Gigan in particular came out quite well.


Maybe a little, but not a serious one.

He’s pretty okay for the same reason Godzilla is.


He doesn’t have a ton of shit going on to make him look goofy.

As long as he has three heads, no arms, two giant ass wings, is golden, shoots lightning/gravity beams, and is noticeably bigger than Godzilla, i’m cool with it.

It’s gonna suck seeing him die.

I hope they have him whoop Godzilla’s shit once or twice leading up to the finale, where G barely makes it out the victor.

In this movie he the MUTOs where kind of jobbing it up until they got smart and double teamed.


I think the golden part is probably the most unrealistic thing about him. Well, that and his goofy looking wings. It was fine back then, but it’d just look silly in this universe


He has to be golden.

That’s like asking for a movie with Clifford the dog and making him brown or some shit.

He’s not literally made of gold, he just has shiny gold colored scales, like a goldfish or a yellow lizard or some shit.

He’s a giant monster anyway, I know this new Godzilla was a tad more realistic than the originals, but not to the point where a giant three headed perfect golden dragon cant be worked in.


If real life has had 4 and 5-headed stuff(Ripley’s Believe It or Not!, son), a 3-headed eldritch dragon is perfectly within reason.


yeah, but then they went and did this:


Best part of that movie was the white guy. Every time he talked or his mustache moved, the japanese lady in the movie got wet. I could smell her through the tv.

Being gold isn’t required, but some gold would be nice. I liked how Final Wars did Ghidorah. As of late, he’s basically been a beast that was capable of morphing into other forms, before inevitably becoming the Ghidorah form we’re so used to. Would be nice to be shocked into seeing Ghidorah, via watching some random monster just slowly gain heads, and wings, and shit.


I remember this when I was in high school. This was awesome. But that 1998 movie ruined it.


With such a wide variety of opinions on this first movie, I personally think they need to knock one out of the park for the 2nd movie. IMO, not Mothra


Ghidora has had 4 legs prior to Keiser Ghidora (Death Ghidora).

Also Chainsaw Gigan isn’t as bad as you think, especially when you consider his existing chainsaw belly and the fact that he got them after he was rebuilt (from when the Big G trashed his ass).


I don’t really think Ghidorah has to be golden, but I think it would be better if he wasn’t (or scaled down in brightness to not look like something Mr. T would wear around his neck). Since monsters in this series are supposed to be ancient, prehistoric creatures, I think his wings look too impractical/silly and just need to be reworked to look like they were actually used for flight.


Wonder if they’ll ever use King Ceasar?


I don’t care who he fights, as long as it’s a good fight… and well, if it stars the son’s family again I will not be watching it.


A wide variety of opinions doesn’t really matter when most of them are good.

They made a good movie, they made a ton of money, so they really don’t have to do any convincing for a second one.

Even if you feel like you personally need something that you won’t get.

Real life hasn’t had gigantic atomic lizard monsters taller than sky-scrapers that shoot blue fire lasers from their mouths.

Who told you that? If I recall, that was just the premise of this one movie. I doubt they’d keep throwing out the same schtick every movie when they have a gallery of various monsters with unique origins.

Ghidorah is from space, and there isn’t a reason why he still cant come from space.

I wouldn’t mind a duller gold, doesn’t have to be blindingly bright.

This color, not this design.


Gareth Edwards is directing a Star Wars spinoff slated fir 2016. Godzilla 2 will be on hold for him, at least Legendary CEO Thomas Tull seemed to imply. So, expect 2018 at the earliest


I actually like that design more. The more “earthy” gold and the wing redesign look pretty nice. And yes, while Ghidorah is from space, he doesn’t necessarily have to be for the story line of this series. I think it’d be cooler if everything was an ancient monster.