Godzilla: King of the Monsters May 2019.Trailer out!


This design is actually legit. Those wings look like they could actually make him fly for one.


That would be stupid IMO.

For every movie to have another giant monster popping out of the earth, that would be incredibly uninspired given the source material and the potential.

If this is going to be a legit series, then they need to use as many different origins as possible to help make the kaiju as unique as possible.

Also, that design is pretty baller, I just think the scale plating is a little too thick, and his chest isn’t swole enough, Ghidorah’s gotta have those pecs.

Also, does it make more sense to say them instead of him or it? Since there are multiple sentient heads.


I still say do it 4 legged Desi/Keizer Ghidora style. Especially since it makes him look so much bigger (not just taller) than the Big G.

Here’s an idea, combine his classic and GMK origins. Have him crash on earth sometime in Japan’s early history where a weakened version of him can serve as the inspiration for the Yamata no Orochi, then have him somehow defeated (weakened from the crash) so that he needs to hibernate for over a thousand years leading up to today, where he’s awakened (rested and now stronger) for some reason.


I like that, but it would be even cooler if three smaller one headed Ghidorahs crashed to earth instead, then have godzilla fight them in different places and times, then in the climax they get bodied and form together to become King Ghidorah and whoop Godzilla’s ass for a good while before G pulls a turn around at the last minute. That way there’s more than one monster, and it would be a cool twist for those unfamiliar with the character.

Also, this needs to happen(excuse the shit quality):


To be fair, I really doubt it’s going to be 60 years of US Godzilla films being made like the Toho ones. I doubt the US series will have too many movies, so if they want to have Ghidorah appear in the next film or the one after, the “ancient creature” angle won’t be exhausted. Maybe after the third movie, if it gets that far, they can explore other ways to introduce new monsters such as a bio-engineered monster like Biollante or a monster from space.


From what I’ve been seeing in places, the Legendary films are being placed as their own series, similar to how Showa, Heisei and Milennium are, but still under the Toho banner. Not really separate from the line.


knew nothing about the source material. liked the movie.

didn’t even know godzilla was the good nigga :looney:



They set up so many sequel hooks, Legendary may very well be hard-pressed NOT to.
The guesses as to what they’ll are gonna be profound.
Also, keep in mind this was the 2ND MOVIE EDWARDS HAS EVER MADE.
The 1st one was Monsters http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1470827/ and those pretty damn good scores for a 1st time movie lol.
Optimism is kinda justified, here, IMO.

“Ancient” does not imply “from earth”.
The fiends in the Lovecraft mythos are old enough that they have this quote as completely relevant to them:
That is not dead which can eternal lie,
And with strange aeons even death may die

Abominations that aren’t sleeping somewhere in earth, i.e. like Ghidorah, would be a good direction to move in, just gotta play it right.


…within the context of this movie, it does, or is implied. It could even be that he fell from space a long time ago and has been dormant within the earth, although how scientists would figure this out just for the sake of keeping Ghidorah from space would be kind of silly. Ghidorah doesn’t HAVE to be from space; it’s not going to make or break the monster if the source material isn’t exact.


But if the source material doesn’t have to be changed, why should it?

A giant golden, three headed, gravity-lightning shooting space dragon is much cooler than a giant golden, three headed, gravity-lightning shooting pre-historic dragon.

I also really want a scene of Ghidorah flying in from space all dramatic and shit, with the kind of grandness that the air drop scene had in this movie.

I feel like them making Ghidorah an ancient earth creature instead of an evil alien WMD would be as bad as them making Godzilla an alien.

Some things just shouldn’t change.


That thing scared the hell out of me when I was a kid. I don’t know why, but when his head popped out of that mountain… uggh…


Finally saw it with my old man. Love how they slowly build on his presence. Actually I was getting restless wanting to see him appear as well as the audience. Them BLAM! he appeared and all of us in the theater went silent. He should’ve gotten more screen time as well as cranston. Good movie though.


I like the idea of showing that Godzilla was, and is, the strongest thing on Earth. Then outer space gets involved, and Godzilla shows he is the strongest in the Universe.

No reason to not have Ghidorah be from space. Lose the planet X angle, and just make him the thing that wiped out Martian civilization, then lie dormant on Mars. Then claim he can sense/hear/see Godzilla from there, and comes to try and push his shit in.




that picture is pretty damn fucking awesome tbh


I can see why the build up was so long, but it got to the point where they were just teasing the audience. My gf kept passing out. I hope the next one cuts out all the bullshit and this muhfucka get in the ass of his opponents.


Stop drugging your girlfriend before you go to the movies. Or tell her to get more sleep.


In before Godzilla destroys all the Jeagers only to get bodied by OP chain sword.


I dragged my GF to go see it with me. She liked it despite thinking that MUTO was Godzilla at first XD