Godzilla: King of the Monsters May 2019.Trailer out!




Godzilla was… actually really good. Not melodramatic. Plenty of great “oh crap” shots. Way way better than the horrible trailers would have led me to believe.



Saw it last night. Yeah the build up was long, but IIRC the other OG movies were like that. Though, would of been nice if there had been another monster. Overall, glad I saw it!


How many monsters do you need? There were two MUTO and Godzilla wrecking shit… anything more would just become shitty like all those comic book movies that try to shoehorn too many villians in one movie.

I can see where some of the complaints that there wasn’t enough Godzilla, but I feel like what we did get did a fantastic job of establishing Big G as a legitimate force of nature-- It seemed like Godzilla didn’t realize that humanity existed until near the end of the film.


Don’t get your panties in a bunch, for how boring the build up was at times, would of been nice to have something else lurking or what ever. Not a big deal, not a big deal for you to cry about it.


Watching it again (torrent) I will say that the monster fighting is better then those seen in Pacific Rim. I think if this movie kept Bryan Cranston alive and had at least 1 or 2 more monster fight scenes it could have been 10/10. But I look forward to a sequel but it has to have King Ghidorah.


There’s a ton of Godzilla movies on Hulu right now.
No hulu plus. Just click and watch. They were Hulu+ but apparently they opened them up cuz of this new Zilla flick in theatres.


there’s Goji fans here on SRK?? hello my fellow Kaiju brethren!! :slight_smile:




Mothra for the sequel. Fuck yes!!


fucking everyone for the sequel.

3 flyers o.0


I know very little about Mothra, I just know I like saying the word Mothra



Guess I’m late but fuck it


So basically Destroy All Monsters remake, yes?


No, a remake of this really:


King freaking Ghidorah! FUCK YES!

I want to say that my body is ready, but it just fucking isn’t, not for this level of HOLYSHITWTFBBQSAUCE!


Great we can watch boring cardboard cutout humans worry about 3 great monsters for the majority of the film.