Godzilla: King of the Monsters May 2019.Trailer out!


Nobody will be worryin about Mothra or Big G

I am hoping Ghidora will arrive via meteor.

Man gonna be a long wait for this movie


Are those guys that were crying about spoilers mad that they spoiled the monsters that will be in the second film?


Off topic po

You know better


Life is hard when you’re autistic and post on SRK.




Clarifying: Legendary says Mothra, Rodan & Ghidorah coming in “future installments”; not all in ‘Godzilla 2’



…fucking BOOOOO


Well if this is gonna be a trilogy, Ghidorah should be saved for the finale, he is Godzilla’s main nemesis correct?


this is much better. All three of those will likely be together in a movie, but it’s better to slowly introduce them, as well as other monsters. Ghidorah just showing up in one movie would be a waste. Needs to arrive via Meteor first. And just wait…

I’m still waiting for news of Anguirus.



Godzilla 2 will arrive on June 8th, 2018…that’s a wait.


I know Gareth has to do a Star Wars movie first, but really, they can pinpoint a date on this already, FOUR YEARS AWAY?

What if Rift takes over by then? Or sexbots become the only form of acceptable entertainment:


Holy fuck that is a long wait.

What happened to yearly releases for each era?



this movie was supposed to come out way back in what…2012? it was a hell of a long wait too


Maybe some studio in JP will make their own Godzilla movie between now and then???


You know how Ghidorah should get to Earth?
Like Trypticon does here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QFZrL0x63c8




Yea pretty much hit the nail on the head, 12mins of Zilla and the rest of the movie was a bunch of bullshit talking and a fucking spider monkey


back under your bridges, you two





The untold story (and script) of the almost made Hollywood Godzilla, back in 1983.