Godzilla: King of the Monsters May 2019.Trailer out!


Wish we got that instead of the 1998 atrocity.



I want this to be officially be Ghidorah.
So badly.


Happy 60th B-day big dude!


I loved Tom Selleck In Training in that movie


Goddamit, now I need a PS4


NewsTHE “JAPANESE GODZILLA” WILL RISE AGAIN! Toho to Produce a New “Godzilla” in 2015


I squealed like a school girl.


I am guessing they will just use the cgi model from the last movie.


Now I love all kaiju as much as the next guy, but the moment Legendary Godzilla walked on screen…I just looked at the monster it was about to fight and I just said

“I’m so sorry”

The only monster who even looked like it had a chance was Biollante.



Legendary Godzilla towering.


Dude is 350 feet tall. Truly a stature worthy of the very first Kaiju.


lol that 2nd fight, Godzilla confirmed homophobic.


say what?


lol this a sequel to the Dreamcast game. Man I always wanted to play that


I played all the Godzilla games I could get my hands on. Hell, the NES one was actually pretty fucking cool. Hard as fuck though, and Godzilla was slower than retards fucking and Mothra was fucking awful in so many ways.

Loved the Dreamcast games, and the later Xbox games. MAN that PS3 one looks good. I need the ultimate fucking Godzilla game to come out on PC or consoles. Gimme some online multiplayer, insanely destructable maps (while armies attack you, barely even affecting you), lots of fighters at once, EVERY FUCKING MONSTER (even Minilla), and tons of fucking moves and abilities. I want something EVO worthy.


Toho’s Godzilla is snatching up big name japanese talent, including the director of Attack on Titan. It’s gonna come out two years before the next American Godzilla movie.


Mothra’s babies were pretty op in the movies, they just teamed up on other monsters and cocooned them.


Dammit, now I need a PS4.


fuck the first PS4 game to come out to demand my purchasing power!!!


My body has never been more ready in my entire life.