Godzilla: King of the Monsters May 2019.Trailer out!


What it has Jet fucking Jaguar?!

I’m so in.


Ok that multiplayer destruction sold it for me. That looks f’n awesome!


Rodan 1956, Anguirus 1968, and MG 1974 have been revealed!!!




also, MosuGoji has been confirmed for Showa Mode in the Jap version of the game…which means we’ll get him too!! and Battra has been leaked, both Larva and Imago forms


Godzilla 2 will come first, and probably feature introductions to Mothra and Ghidorah.

After that (and Skull Island), mother fucking King Kong vs Godzilla

Still sounds like they are setting up Destroy All Monsters



Second Legendary Movie sounds like a strong Line up, and the third Leg movie is a rematch between King Kong and Godzilla? God damn is it good to be a G-Fan in this day and age.


I’m betting that Mothra will be the enemy in the sequel, maybe another monster for G and M to tag team. Ghidorah will probably arrive as a meteor or something.

Ghidorah will get it own movie, Instead of being shoehorned in with others.


I do think adding Ghidorah is too early. Ghidorah really should be saved for a Destroy All Monsters movie.

Possible to add Rodan and Mothra though. Have a tag team of them against big G.


Godzilla better win the rematch with Kong. That’s all I want from that movie.


How big are they going to make King Kong??? Godzilla is 350 feet and the enlarged King Kong form the first fight was 148. Ya Godzilla better win that rematch.


Either they just make King Kong bigger, or they give King Kong his own mech.


Some theories I have heard is that Kong we saw was just a baby. Or just hit him with lightning again.


Skull Island found in the 50s. They find King Kong. Try to nuke him but he gets bigger. Ez.


Seeing how Kong only like 25 feet tall, and new godzilla is like 492 feet, I dont see kong winning any time


I like this idea, combines Kong with his own Japan sequel of Mecha Kong.

Toss Frankenstein’s monster, his twin Gargantua kids, and Jet Jaguar in as well. They would be rolling in dough.


Specific Rim is also under Warner Bros. The movie after Skull Island should be a triple threat.


Specific Rim killed me

holy fuck, nuclear fueled 350 foot Kong (that’s how tall Godzilla 2014 was) with them Heihachi lightning fists will blow me away

I still wanna see Godzilla kill something with his dorsal plates/fins. Just stab something and make em go nuclear. Kill em with his mother fucking back.

I’m hoping big G gets a level up for his fire breath, too. It was cool in the last movie, but I’m still a fan of it being so powerful it’s a fucking beam. Let him keep the low level fire breath, but give him a super saiyan beam to just annihilate shit. He gotta step up his game to take on upcoming Ghidorah.


I cant wait to see a new MechaGodzilla, theres so many weapons they can give him.

Anyway low tier monsters

Gigan-can never fight alone
Jet Jaguar
Fire Rodan

King Ghidorah
mechaKing Ghidorah
King Caesar


King Caesar Top tier?

This man knows whats up.