Godzilla: King of the Monsters May 2019.Trailer out!


Hes a pretty good fighter, but hes like at bottom top tiers, mostly cause he couldnt take Mechagodzilla, and of course Anguirus almost got killed. Come to think of it Anguirus has never won a fight


Anguirus is one of Godzilla’s boys, he’s definitely mid tier at worst. Rodan, Space Godzilla, and Biollante bottom tier? No good sir. Just no.

Everybody on your bottom tier list, from MOGUERA and below, should be moved to mid tier list at the worst. Rodan and Anguirus were both badass enough to hang with Godzilla, even if he had to smack em around first.

Although the first few MOGUERA’s did get destroyed pretty fucking easily…hrmmm, maybe he should stay in the bottom tier.

But Rodan, Anguirus, Space Godzilla, Biollante, and possibly Megalon (wasn’t Megalon a demigod or something?), are all mid tier at least, for sure.


You think after being around so many years Anguirus or Rodan could win a fight 1 on 1 but nope.
Biollante is the biggest monster yet he gets killed by Godzilla with out him even trying 2 times
I hated SpaceGodzilla he might be like bottom mid, since he runs out of power.
Megalon could only fight with Gigan, yet when godzilla fought him 1 on 1 he got bitch smacked.


Biollante isn’t dead yet, hence why she isn’t bottom tier. She just went off into space to go harden up.

Space Godzilla was one of the smarter villains, hence why he isn’t bottom tier. Plus anything that is _____ Godzilla, whether it be Mecha, or Cyber, or Space, is automatically mid tier by default.

Anguirus and Rodan are Godzilla bro’s so that makes them mid, if not top tier. There really should be a bro tier.

Megalon is an insect sea god. Can’t put him bottom tier with mother fucking Kumonga.

edit: also, Jet Jaguar is top tier. Don’t kid yourself. LSD fueled robots are always top tier.


Thats the problem though Anguirus and Rodan cant fight 1 on 1 fights. And Biollante lost both times to Godzilla, couldnt even put up a fight. Titanosaurus put up more of a fight 1 on 1 then Megalon. Megalon just got bitch smacked by Godzilla


Monster X/Kaiser Ghidorah is S tier. Bodied Godzilla pretty free until he got a DBZ power up


very few can against Godzilla. They wrecked shit nicely in Final Wars

Biollante was an infant, and just came into being, and evolved to a new stage. That’s like saying Mothra sucks because she is weak as balls during her larval stage.

That’s was during the Hogan style no jobbing days for Godzilla, when he straight up boot fucked monsters with or without assists.

Megalon is literally an insectoid underwater deity. What we saw was a mere fragment of his full power. Like when dudes beat back Shuma Gorath, all you’ve done is broke his fingernail. He still chills back in his home dimension, plotting and scheming. You can’t tier a God with chump ass lazy Titanosaurus.


Super MechaGodzilla Killed Godzilla, which none of the other monsters could do that.

Even mothras babies have beaten godzilla, unlike Biollante

doesnt matter if people worship Megalon, hes still weak compared to the other monsters. They even asked help from the aliens to use Gian. Some god that is.


that version of Mechagodzilla is two machines together…that kinda runs with the theme of it takes 2 to put a dent into Godzilla. The list of monsters that can match the King or even beat him 1v1 is very low. Destroyah, Kaiser Ghidorah come to immediate mind. Especially with Kaiser Ghidorah that shit was just Perfect 13GEND kinda of fucked up


Super MechaGodzilla needed Garuda assist, so it wasn’t one on one. Godzilla was winding down during those days, Toho wanted to kill him off, but kept fretting over it.

Destroyah technically killed Godzilla.

Kaiser Ghidorah killed him until that asian dude powered up with the Haggar assist and lent Godzilla power or something.

Biollante is still out in space chilling. Keep in mind Space Godzilla came from Biollante (or possibly Mothra, it gets fuzzy), so you’ve got Biollante out there like Rita and Zed just tossing down kaiju for Godzilla to try to handle.

Biollante is top tier. EoD.


Super MechaGodzilla ownd both fire rodan and godzilla. So I guess that makes up for it.


You guy remember the old King Kong VS Godzilla movie?


Fire Rodan leveled up Godzilla though, so it was kinda cool.

Mecha Godzilla’s should always be the best opponent for him, so long as it’s designed by humans.


I hate mobile so much.


Remember there was a man named Tomoyuki Tanaka, Tomoyuki Tanaka.


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zxsf7tRgVIg Just out today!




It’s about to go down…


I auditioned for the King Kong movie. I hope they film Godzilla vs. King Kong in Hawaii so I can audition again. =)

I actually got in to the Godzilla movie as an extra but there was a scheduling conflict with work lol.


the rematch of the decade.


I’ve always wanted to be a dude who gets stepped on by Godzilla.

I’m hoping Godzilla 2 is Mothra and maybe even Ghidorah too…or at least hinting at it. Also hoping for Godzilla teases in Skull Island (maybe Godzilla’s kid Manilla???)