Godzilla: King of the Monsters May 2019.Trailer out!


I really hope this is Godzilla before his healing factor kicks in.


It’s the point.

Looks like they’re really going for a “Godzilla got really fucked up because of the bomb” angle, and making him look like an grotesque monster.


It looks like the top of his head will snap off if he opens his mouth.



Bruh…that theme song.


My dick went from 0-infinity.
July 29th worldwide I hope?


This is going to be the best looking Godzilla movie yet. I still don’t know what the story is about though. Humans vs Godzilla?


Warner Bros. has moved back Godzilla 2 to March 22, 2019…and dated its Godzilla vs. Kong movie for May 29, 2020.


They gotta make room for more shitty DC Universe movies no one wants.


Don’t have to compete with Transformers 5/Pacific Rim 2 this way, I think.



Oh shit… That’s not good.


Nobody posted this? Alright


That trailer was so dramatic in a good way, hopefully this movie lives up to the hype.


lol is it just me or did anyone else notice there were so many shots of seated people.


Now that Godzilla glows purple, can we get that Evangelion vs Godzilla anime :looney:


Someone called the Godzilla trailer “japanese boardroom: the movie”. LOL!


Spoilers have reached the Godzilla sub-reddit. The movie sounds pretty cool.


Oooooooooh…I want!




Godzuki returns!