Godzilla: King of the Monsters May 2019.Trailer out!


Atomic Breath scene from the new movie: Obvious Spoilers:




The original Hyper Beam.





Shin Godzilla is showing at Regal Theaters this week. Check your local schedules, it appears to be playing this week only. Note that it will be with English subtitles.


Got my tickets for tomorrow night boiz :cool:


Saw Godzilla


It was alright, kinda surprised they chose to ignore the very first OG Gojira film. CGI didn’t look all that great except for fully evolved Godzilla. Hopefully the next film is better.


Seeing it either on the 15th or 18th. Still unsure which day I want to go


Saw it last night. Thought it was pretty kick ass.

It was metal as fuck when he finally used his atomic breath for the first time.


Saw it, thought it was good.


Thought the comedy was better than any other Godzilla (not saying much there). Taking notes from Disney/Marvel on campy humor.


Just got back from seeing it. I liked it a lot more than 2k14 Godzilla.

Unevolved godzilla looked silly as fuck though. It was hard not to laugh at how bad it and most the cgi looked. [/spoiler]


Unevolved Godzilla was really bad CGI, but Final form Godzilla was great.


Never saw Krampus…


The next Godzilla movie will be called “Godzilla: King of Monsters”…


Yooo that Kong Skull Island post credits thooooo


mfw that stinger



Interesting choice…


original or sequal director?


The sequel…


Rodan, Mothra, and King Ghidorah confirmed…