Godzilla: King of the Monsters May 2019.Trailer out!


Gmk 2. Hype


Godzilla Anime teaser…


Godzilla Anime Trailer…


Ugh, they using that Berserk 2016 style…


Yea…Im not feeling the berserk style shit. I can already see lazy animation.


3D animated anime is pretty shit but it looks like they put in 100 times more effort than Berserk 2016.


This is far better in quality than Berserk 2016 imo. Toho isn’t one of those companies to just release a sub-par entry for the the sake of a cash grab. Looking forward to watching this when it drops.


It’s about to go down…


Reach Monarch…


King of the Monsters trailer…


Legit Man. My biggest complaint and the reason why I didn’t rate the previous Godzilla no better than a 7 “at best” was due to the lack of Godzilla and the continuous cutting away from the fights.

However they have “promised” that their will be more Godzilla screen time, but more importantly even more fighting since that was the #1 complaint from the 2014 Godzilla.

Honestly, the trailer looks hype, and to you, Legendary simply cannot screw up a three-headed Golden Dragon in King Ghidorah…I mean, you can’t right?

So I’m super hopeful, and the trailer seems to be keeping in tune of how the Monsters look like, btw, in case people haven’t seen it yet, down below is a link to the poster that was at the San Diego Comic-Con.

This Poster is Awe Dropping. Damn…2019 can’t come fast enough…



Japanese 1964-style trailer:


In some ways, that old style look with the flickering really works incredibly well with a Godzilla flick. Call me oldschool, however that filtered, flickering form of the old films which wasn’t on purpose but just how the quality isn’t “digital” like today gives it an authentic look that is so befitting of Godzilla.

I’m really, really hyped for this movie, and I hope that later trailers reveal a bit more, although I hope that they don’t reveal King Ghidorah and really save him for the movie.

However, knowing Hollywood they have a tendency to reveal multiple things from the movie, and important and epic moments that should’ve been kept in the movie for first time emotions.


That was some super legit editing on that one. LMAO, the sound effects we’re spot on!


the new trailer looks good, hopefully godzilla gets more screen time this time around


New trailer…


Be still my heart. <3

King Ghidorah looks fucking amazing.


godzilla was like…oh avengers trailer…thats cute/


King Ghidorah…Mothra…hell everything looks awesome!!

Hell even Tyrion F’NIN’ Lannister looks like a menacing badass!!