Godzilla: King of the Monsters May 2019.Trailer out!


Like this is my absolutely must see movie of 2019. I couldn’t give a fuck less about Avengers End Game. This. This is what I’ve been needing in my life.


Will be looking forward to this. King Ghidorah looks so Beautiful, absolutely Menacing. I just hope that they don’t cut away from the fight scenes constantly like they did in the 2014 Godzilla film. If you seriously do that again, I’m going to riot.

Let me watch my Kaijus fight and cause absolute destruction, I don’t go to a Godzilla movie to see people running around.




Godzilla: King of the Monsters movie posters

Absolutely gorgeous and bad ass. My hype levels are off the charts for this movie. I’ve been waiting for a Kaiju cinematic universe basically my whole life.


That Rodan one, is GOAT.

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I’m partial to the Ghidorah but they’re all amazing.

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I love the design and execution of Ghidorah in the movie.

But that motion in perspective in the Rodan poster is godlike


Yeah. Rodan looks like he’s ready to fuck shit up. Someone on reddit (where I found these) said he looked like something out of the Old Testament. They’re not far off. He looks menacing as fuck

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Lol I love the size comparisons…none of that king Kong shit. Godzilla gonna pimp slap the shit outta him


I’m wondering what powers this version of Mothra will have since in this universe she is man-made instead of being a deity. :thinking:


Is she man made? A synopsis I read a while back made it seem like they were all ancient


@maxx In the 2014 Godzilla when they’re going through the ruins there is a small glass cage on a desk with the name “Mothra” on it.

Ghidorah and Rodan are ancient “titans” (I hate that term but that’s literally my only complaint about the universe so far) but Mothra seems to be man-made in this universe. Which is cool, I guess. Something different and I don’t really mind that they went that direction either.


Another still of Ghidorah.

So. Fucking. Bad ass.

Edit: Found on reddit and legit laughed.


New poster for King of the Monsters from Japan.

The text says “The King Awakens”

New Godzilla KotM Trailer. It’s unlisted on YouTube right now.


It’s onnnnnn…

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I meant to post these a while ago (like months ago). Ii completely forgot.

Chinese New Years inspired KotM posters.

They’re breathtakingly beautiful, imo. I have the Godzilla one as my phones wallpaper




Long Live, The King!


I’d welcome these with open arms.