Going about doing tournaments at CUNY schools?

I’ve seen that CUNY school tournaments seem to be decently popular, and I’m interested in running one. I have two questions, for other CUNY students, who would I speak to to get the clearance for such a thing and how many people would actually be hype about getting a nice little tournament going at CUNY Queens college?

Oh nice you go to queens college too man…I’ve been looking for ppl who go on srk when I first got into queens in september…if we can get clearance for this…ill be more than happy to join for 3s

There seems to be plenty of room In the basement of the student union building to handle something like this…maybe someone in the student union building could help out

I go to CUNY York and we actually have a game room with a PS3, a 360, and HDTV’s.

Justin goes to CUNY I think.

^ Which CUNY?

any 3s players go to Queens College?

we gotta set somethin up in that lounge in the cafeteria or somethin in the student union building :tup:

Not me, but I know how to get to QC easily from York.

wow, crazy I didn’t know this thread got any replies, glad I re-checked it. My question is does anyone know who to talk to to get this up and running? You’re definitely right the basement floor has more than enough room.

try asking someone at the student union front desk…thats my suggestion but it is my first year in QC so i wouldnt know EXACTLY where to ask about this

**I’ve been to QC before- had a cousin graduate from there and ish.

I’ll strongly advise the student union or someone who organizes the student events there.

Since I attend NYU, it’s totally different. We can basically use the Kimmel Center, host up a tourney, ask some A/V officials to borrow some TV’s and what not, and make an event there as long as we clean up what we started. Otherwise, I can bring my laptop for brackets/3s/ST/Melty/etc. etc. etc.

Some guy in NYU wished to have the colleges battle each other out to see if they can bring the best of the best out of there. I thought it wouldn’t be that bad, provided if schools lvl, man, and game up to improve and have fun. Since NYU has Poly that could be a good rivalry between the schools. Just a suggestion…

Otherwise, I’m down to head to Queens and play w/ Nica/Epyon/etc…Might as well get a good crowd going.



word up man if we have some rivalries goin for 3s illbe more than happy to rep QC :razz:

we should definitely get this ball rolling cuz out of all the asians i see over here there HAS to be up to 10-20 who play fighters like 3s…lets bring these ppl out of the shadows (me included)

Lmao, wow this sounds a lot cooler than I originally thought it would, sounds good, when next semester starts I’m heading to the Student Union and I’m asking about this.

Well I go to QC as well. Justin does not go to QC, he goes to CUNY Manhattan i think

As Far as i know about gaming there, There exist an club called the “sci-fi and anime club.” It’s located in the basement of the student union. It’s a room provided by school, don’t expect a huge room. Even though it’s an anime club, most of the time people are playing video games. The most popular being SSBB and Rockband…lol. I think the club has a PS3, two 360’s and a wii that are brought in regularly.Texas holdem is popular at night btw.

Well the environment is very geeky… very friendly though, not many competitive people at all. The overall play level is extremely low, most people play for “fun.” I’ve been going to play anything competitive there(keep in mind this is during breaks between classes), which is mainly brawl. don’t expect much. I’m in the running in being the best at brawl there, after playing for a month(15 hrs?) so that tells you something of the comp if u have ever played smash competitively (sadly my best game haha).

As far as I know no1 knows how to play any of the games featured at Evo. I just have basic knowledge since i come here on SRK, and I win easy. Since Any1 on SRK>>>> Average Gamer in Fighting games. NO1 plays stick either…though atm neither do I… Nica KO, don’t hope for much, cause at most u’ll be teaching me how to play 3rd Strike better( a good cause nonetheless).

Maybe when SF4 hits console, that may stir up a change. I hope the story may be different at other Cunies. I’m sure you can learn how to hold a tourney if u ask the club leaders at sci-fi since they organize an event called “game night” once each semester.

but heading to CTF for comp is definitely better. GGPO as well

I just want to say that I hope I get accepted into Hunter.

well i guess i shouldve seen that coming though since it is QC…ive been to flushing mall where they have 3s and i wasnt impressed by the comp there…but at the level i am now im pretty sure once we get somethin like this goin…ill be more than happy to show ppl the ropes and all other things…im just looking forward to meeting with ppl who play 3s at least…it doesnt matter to me how good they are…i cant wait to start teaching and stuff to level up the players in QC…maybe when the semester starts we can find a place to meet up maybe?? its my first year in college so i dont want to go walking around with like an arcade stick in my hand and not knowing what to look for…im hoping you guys will help me out with that and in return ill help your game in 3s :tup:

P.S- i also play brawl myself and i wouldnt know whether to consider myself average or pretty good

heres a vid of me vs a friend just to give an idea


I never play 3S at flushing mall because the sticks are sooooooo fucked up. They didn’t even drill the holes correctly, let alone maintain them and make sure they even work.

Nica, Yea I look forward to meeting you, I hit you up on AIM when i get the chance. As for the fighting game scene, If anything we have to start it from scratch. I’ve only seen 3s played on a laptop there, cause i wanted to play it and this dude had a ROM. I never even joined that club officially, any1 can walk in when they please and play. They have 3 working TV’s i think, and we can probably use one if no1 else is. But if you’re willing to start something, people will either give in or follow( not too many people are too headstrong there)

So if you wanna bring your stick, we will have to probably give the guys a head up. Yea it would be kinda funny if u were the only person who knew how to play stick and was beasting on a game no1 plays. So i’ll try to follow suit but I only have a un-moddedPS2 tekken 5 stick, with no adapters haha. I believe most people stick to pad and won’t go buy a stick.

For Brawl, That’s pretty consistent with top play here though. There is no “Teching God” there, so you won’t be overwhelmed by any of that. Other than me, i haven’t seen any dirty plays like chain grabbing. You will be like the only guy using marth. Cause I also started to play brawl there with a Melee style Marth, but switched up since. 1 vs 1s, are on the down low since people are waiting to play and to accommodate, they do ffa’s. We can hype it up and probably make it otherwise though. people love playing on final D, i try to switch it up once in a while, but they always rush that ish

oh i hate that 3s machine at the mall, shit was always busted…

i think if i can bring a small ps2 and a copy of 3s…i would be able to get something started on the TV…i used to use pad so i wouldnt mind using it once in a while but as for teaching ppl certain things itll be really difficult for me…unless you bring your stick it would be nice…as for me bringing one…i wouldnt know if i should or not cuz i would need to take the bus home and idk how good it would be to take an arcade stick on the bus with me…

for brawl it doesnt matter to me if ppl chain grab…if i play something competitively then everything is fair game…besides me using marth i can get outta that stuff easily…we should set up a time to meet up when the semester starts…ill be willing to let you guys know of the times im free so we can meet up at the student union or something

ya, i should have wrote dirty as “dirty,” cause i wish people would learn be as “cheap” as me. I’ll try to learn 3s a bit for ya so i don’t get like double perfected. I’ll tell ya my schedule once i know it’s concrete. ya i’m in the same situation as you on the stick business, but who knows, I may just leave my stick there in the safety locker they keep, if they have room for it that is.

Maybe Vicioustale could look at this thread so he can get in on this lol

haha, funny that we chose today look at this thread. Just name a time and place gentlemen.I’m playing pad because I don’t have a stick for any Sony consoles unfortunately, but I’m actually decent with a pad so its ok.

Let’s turn QC into a stomping grounds for Street Fighter legends lol.