Going about doing tournaments at CUNY schools?

Alrite, we’re gonna try and meet up during “free hr” on the first wed .
So that will be Wed the 29th of Jan, 12:05 - 1:40 in the student Union, in front of the Cafe


ill be looking forward to meeting up with you guys

hopefully the next time we meet after that we’ll be able to get 3s in there

alright got it, should be good times.

A tad late on this thread, but I’m actually attending CUNY Brooklyn. Would be cool to get a competitive league against the CUNY schools lol. Though, sadly the only people into competitive fighting games (that I know of) are myself and a friend of mine (He’s more of a MvC2 player). But if you guys go about starting a competitive scene between colleges, know that you have my support from Brooklyn :wink:

i hear the weather should be quite nice this week

ill be willing to stay and meet up at the same place this time

anyone down?

It was quite a failure last time. But It’s not too hard to get there by yourself, I’ve just been chilling there as of late anyways. So either I will be inside the room playing brawl or outside playing cards.

Starting from where the copier room on the basement floor is, face the pool tables(Your right would be facing towards the book store), just walk all the way down straight down and turn left( Your only option). It will be the last room in that corridor. And people would be hanging around outside as well. My Ps2 stick is already kept in the room, but not that many people wanna learn how to use it.

-edit- Also I’m starting to host simple “on the spot” brawl team tourneys during free hrs when i can

good shit ill help you out with the tourneys if you need help running them

so basically just walk past the bookstore make a left at that hallway and the last room there right?

hmmm it’s closer to the pool tables than the bookstore, I hope your thinking of the correct way. Your going the correct way if You see a Vending machine with the glass busted haha.

Well the tourney is pretty simple to run, i know the usual peeps and i don’t think i can get more than 5-6 teams anyways.

ooooh oh oh i think i know where…like from the stairs where you enter from the upper floors in the building…you pass the vending machine, go straight down that hallway, make a left, etc??

yea, that’s what’s up. Also monday doesn’t look too good for games anymore.

So should we meet up on wed there?