Going Blind

I felt it needed its own thread. Most of us seen the work that Sabre did in EVO and like most of you I am now going blind and my palms are getting hairy from watching that.

On a serious note, thanks Sabre you repped our girl against some the best out there and maybe I am just being partial, but no matches excited me more than watching yours! Maybe one day, you can show some mercy and we can get some matches online just so I can run for my life trying to avoid being perfected! :pray:

Iโ€™m scared that he might beat my Sak in 5 seconds.

See if I play with Dan Iโ€™m bound to hit him with some Dankukyaku or Koryuken spamming lol then if I lose, blame it on Dan.

I need to study his vids though, if anything for inspiration.

Lol. You donโ€™t need to watch Sabre too long my friend. Just take a few notes and going into training mode with it.

It takes practice to be able to pul off the combos. But it takes EXPERIENCE to be able to get the win.