Going crazy! Can't get video drivers to install after reformat

I just reformatted my PC and all my drivers work except for my video card driver.I spent the last 3-4 hours on google looking for an answer but can’t find any.

My PC looks like its running in safemode. Very blurry/grainy. Installing drivers gives error message.

Stuff I did
Went to Dells Driver & Support page, downloaded all drivers needed for my service tag # 4Y46NF1 for a Dell Vostro 400 (stock).
When I install either one, I get these error messages


PC specs
Windows XP home edition
service pack 3
1gb ram
2.66 Ghz

Please help your SRK mod! Thank you!

Are you sure you have ether of those video cards?

Check to see if you have a dedicated video card, if you do go to the Video card manufacturer’s website.
Better yet, go to AMD. com for AMD and ATI cards and Nvidia .com for their cards.
If you have the in-board Intel card, go to intel’s website of course.
From your 3rd screen shot it looks like you do not have a Nvidia card.

It is also looks like your missing a piece of support software that has to be installed before hand, drivers from the manufactors site will install the correct supporting software. Dell is kinda retarded leaving out critical pieces of software like that. I honestly suggest for people avoiding Dell for a reason. 9 times out of 10 people that comes to me with PC problems IRL has a Dell.

Also make sure you have your chipset drivers installed.

Worst case scenario you need a new video card.

Checking from Dell’s site, it seems that you should either have an AMD/ATI Radeon HD 2400 or 2600 or NVidia GtForce GT 8600 GTS or 8800 GT. In any case, for either of those, you can simply go to the website of either AMD/ATI or NVidia and get the drivers from there. Last I checked, both had universal drivers (AMD/ATI Catalyst and NVidia Forceware) for their graphics cards.

wow, both of you were right. The drivers weren’t on Dells page. I downloaded the AMD ATI universal driver first and it found the video card and installed just fine. It ended being the Radeon X1600 video card in my PC. Didn’t bother with the Nvidia. I can’t believe google couldn’t help me solve this problem. You guys rock. Thanks

Big thumbs down to Dell for

  1. Not having the right drivers on their support page
  2. Charging me to talk to them for tech support (it was $60 for them to help me) and charging me to do a live chat ($60 for a 1 time session). I have never seen a company charge for tech support.

Glad to be of help to a fellow mod.

That said, for stuff like video cards, it’s better to go straight to the chip set provider (AMD/ATI or NVidia) than going through whoever build your PC.

For future reference, AIDA64 Extreme Is a program that will tell you for the most part what all the devices on your system are even if the drivers aren’t installed. Just click “computer” and then “Summary”

The trial version is 99% functional and lasts 30 days so just uninstall it once you found your drivers.