Going from Hero to Zero in one night

Title was pretty much to grab attention, but I’ve been playing fighters for the better part of 4 years now.

I’ve learned combos, Built up my game, and Solidified the characters I knew.
but One night recently I played the best players in my area (the only way to get better is to aim high)
and I gotta say, I’ve been pretty demotivated because of it.

Bodied, Crossed-Up, Mixed-up, you name it.

I’m not one to be like “I got beat boohoo,” but I just haven’t played right since.

I’ve been dropping combos, dropping chances, and bluntly going in when I used to be smart about it.
My execution has lowered, I’m second guessing my characters, and I don’t even feel like playing my friends. I lost about 15 of 15 matches against 2 of our best locals, and almost OCV’d every time. I’ve fought them all before and Never had major issues with this, but for some reason this time around It really affected me.

Do I need a break? Crowd Anxiety from being around the best players? Whatever it is, I want to get back on track with my Game and Level Up.

You are depressed and you are letting it get you down and affect how you are playing, try drugs. Nothing Illegal lol. grab some sinus medicine with pseduephedrine , get the generic sudefed.(gotta get the stuff from the pharmacy, but no prescription needed). One of the side effects is euphoria and increased mental speed. if you are fat take it with aspirin and caffeine (90 mg pseduephedrine, 200mg caffeine, 325mg aspirin 3 times a day) … you will be high as a kite and will drop about 5 lbs a week for the first 3 months without the loose flabby skin that starvation will give you. The euphoria lasts only a couple of weeks but the fat burning goes on (I dropped 10 inches from my waist and my wife went from size 18 to size 6 in about 18 months with no flab)
If pills are not your thing try meditation, yoga (real yoga not that stretching exercise bullshit, http://hermetic.com/crowley/eight-lectures-on-yoga/) or if sitting still and clearing your mind isn’t your thing try ritual magick, esp invoking demons from the goetia is fun http://hermetic.com/tctc/thelemactc-ep14-10-23-05.mp3 (goetia lecture starts at 4:16)

or you could just smoke a bowl

You beat down, in public, and now your confidence is shaken up. Happens to everybody.

The real question is, what are you going to do now? You basically have two choices: give up playing competitively, or level up your game and run it back against those guys.

First of all you need to pick yourself up and just shake off those losses. What happened happened, and now you have to move on from this. You can’t change what happened, but you can make sure that the next time you play them, you’re going to bring a better fight to them. Figure out why you lost those matches. Maybe your defense is absolute shit, or you don’t know the matchups as well as you thought you did, or you made huge errors in your own play that caused the game to slip away from you. Fighting games is 80% mental, and if your confidence isn’t up to par, then you’re never going to win. However you can build up your confidence through training and practice, which also helps to iron out the more technical flaws in your gameplay.

plus 4 years is still early in your fighting game career. If someone whips you bad, buy them lunch and ask “how” they beat you so bad

Man, I can relate to you on so many levels. What you have to do is tell yourself that they are not unbeatable, and that with enough practice, you can crush anybody. If you don’t, you’ll stay depressed, and you’ll never beat them. Right now our local best player has his dick in my brain; I’m fucked in the head every time I face him.

Edit: Also, he wouldn’t happen to be asian, would he?

What the fuck kinda advice is this? Drugs are a terrible way to defeat anxiety and depression, it’s a textbook way to get psychologically addicted. You sound like a fucking nut. If you want to lose weight try doing it by eating healthy and exercising it’s a 1000 times more mentally and physically good for you.

OP, take a week off then come back. Tons of players have similar periods. Usually you come back refreshed and a lot of players report playing noticeably better after the break including me. Also, just play your local players more and you’ll naturally become more comfortable and your anxiety will lessen.


The problems you currently got most likely arose from you feeling your effort is wasted. You learned combos, you learned matchups, you learned fundamentals, you spend time and energy, and then someone took you apart like it was your first time on the game - making you ask yourself whether those 4 years of playing FG actually made you any better, since apparently you can still get mindlessly bodied. You think your combos are worthless, your matchup knowledge is off, your fundamentals don’t amount to anything; so your body just blocks it off - that combo didn’t help you at all, so why bother? Can just drop it.

Asking them how they did it - where your weaknesses are - goes a long way in understanding what actually happened, plus gives you a goal to focus on to get a notable improvement in your game - rather than the what now feels useless standard practice.

Practice is necessary but XP solidifies what you have learned while forcing you to adapt to what you are not aware of. Get back in the game.

Practice and run it back.

At my first local scene, I walked in and cleaned house on Blazblue, I beat 14 other people clean. Then I went on over to AE and got my ass humiliated. I was playing as Ryu, and people just straight up destroyed me, I really felt like dropping the game.

But I didn’t, I practiced and now, I still lose, but I can hold my own and sometimes take a few games with Chun. After a while, You “Click” and you end up playing better than you thought possible.

Stick with it, Practice literally makes perfect here.

lol, idiot. I guess there must be tons of people all over the place that are addicted to aspirin and sudefed all over the place that have ruined there lives! But drugs are so bad to treat depression that I guess the field of psychiatry is just hooey? And as far as your comment about weightloss either you have never been fat or you are fat and are in denial of reality. Many people who reach the the stage of being obese find that at first there is too much pain to start working out or that they have no energy, or (because they don’t know any better) get discouraged because once they start working out there weight goes up ( muscle weighs more than fat and people who exercise drink more water will hold some water weight at first) Using the The ECA stack will give the overweight person the extra energy, pain relief , and weight loss from day 1. The ECA stack (ephedrine or pseduephedrine, caffeine, and aspirin) has been used by professional bodybuilders to cut weight before competitions for a very long time. In the sport of bodybuilding spend 5-6 months putting on weight to build muscle and then spend 12-16 weeks dieting down to get their body ready for competition season.The caffeine and Pseduephedrine causes an increase in metabolism, the aspirin delays the bodies ability to get rid of the other two drugs as quick. The increased metabolism causes fat to be burned at a faster rate and causes muscle tissue to recover faster. The caffeine and aspirin also reduce pain (2 of the three ingredients of Excedrin is caffeine and aspirin) allowing you to do extra reps when working out. And as stated you do not get the flabby skin that you get from only diet and exercise. Most sane people would prefer to pop some sudefed rather than go get surgery to remove excess skin. Get a little background in the subjects you spout off on before you give people advise.

Medicine is a good way to help people that are actually depressed. You told someone who is sad over losing at a game that he should take Meds. That is bullshit.

it’s anxiety messing with your coordination because you’re distracted or you may just be “burned out” from playing/practicing too much. take a load off and do something else that’s fun for you aside from playing games. go to the beach, the mall or [best of all] have hot, filthy sex with your woman to release some of the stress induced by your defeat. you can then go meet up with your friends afterward, run a few sets until you get your groove back and start bodying them again.

meds are prescribed for a reason and that was one of the most retarded things i have seen posted here on SRK [also, that follow-up post with all that crap you copied off of a meds advertisement was er, crap]. buying the player who beat OP lunch and then have them discuss the beatdown process makes me think that’s what a doormat feels like. would you wanna be a doormat? OP said that he played against the best players in their area, not friends. you get salty, up your game and run it back with the fool who beat you, not buy them lunch. unless of course they wanted to hook up…


I’m fairly sure he didn’t (well, at least I didn’t with my “That” response) mean ‘buy lunch’ literally. More as in “Get in touch with them, ask nicely”.

Drugs are bad mmkay?
No seriously though this is crazy. Don’t take drugs because you’re doing badly in a video game…

Just playing people leagues above you is not the ideal training regimen. You want to play a variety of players - some better, some worse, some about your skill level. In my personal experience, I got better from playing more different people than just grinding.

If you’re messing up setups/mixups or combos, you do that at home. Do not neglect practice - if you are dropping combos, you probably need more practice in training mode.

Are you learning from your matches? Try to learn specific things while playing - “can I air throw this jump in,” “can I combo from my assist in this situation,” “does this player have mixup tendencies that make their mixup actually not a 50/50,” “can I punish this,” “can I punish his string if I pushblock the right hit,” “can I catch him pushblocking if I delay my string or will I just get counterhit” etcetera.

If you are trying to rush down a player and they are beating you for it, you need to change what you’re doing.

There’s an enormous difference between medically prescribed drugs like zoloft and actually taking your ridiculous concoction to induce euphoria, when trying to beat depression and anxiety. I’m not even an anti-drug person I’ve experimented with plenty myself, but what you’re suggesting is loony. Especially considering your responding to someone about having trouble getting good at a video game.

No, I have never been fat, because I’m not a fucking lazy. When I see myself gaining too much weight, I make the effort to lose it in a healthy way, instead of taking some creating some dumb ass ghetto version of speed to get rid of the weight.

I want to pose the same question as the initial poster but with a twist. How do you shake off a loss from UMvC3 in a ranked match? Especially when there isn’t a scene in your area? I feel as if I’m the only guy that plays this game in my circle. Everyone else has families, bitches and all that shit. So this is what I do with my spare time. I have even bought a PVR to watch and learn from my matches. I’m beginning to wonder if this helps me any…any suggestions guys?