Going from keyboard to stick

I’ve been playing SF on keyboard since around 1996 or so, when SSF2T was on PC CDROM. Never really learned to play stick much though. Stopped playing in the 2000s and then picked it back up again (PC keyboard) in 09 when SF4 came out.

Fast forward to 2011, SF4 for PC is dead and even when AE comes out, there’s still going to be a very severe lack of players and skill on the PC platform. That translates to having trolls with stupid high ping enter your lobby continuously because there’s no one else to play. It also means that skill levels are pretty low compared to what I’ve seen on xbox. I’m probably in the top 10% on PC and I’m a fairly mediocre player.

So I finally broke down and got an xbox with EX2 fight stick. I realize it’s only been a few days now, but the adjustment is going to be HUGE. I’m about 9 hours of play in with stick and my execution is probably still 30% of what it is on keyboard. I’m lucky to hit a standard, non-hit-confirming BnB 5/10 times. On keyboard it’s probably 9/10.

So the question is, with limited time to play (~ 5 hours a week most weeks), is it worth it to make the switch after 14 or so years on keyboard? I could get a keyboard adapter for the xbox of course, but I still feel like i’m being limited by the keyboard because it’s harder to do certain things (AA Demon, TK Air Hado, etc). Not to mention I can’t play at friends’ houses unless i bring the keyboard and adapter everywhere.

The stick just seems to imprecise compared to keyboard. Half the time I hold back to block and i end up jumping back instead. Anyone else make the switch? How long did it take to get to where you were on kb?

Your post might have more/better replies if you posted it on the main SSFIV-AE section.
There is a league in Steam that meets up every Sunday night if you wanted some good comp on the computer.

In the end only you can decide if it worth time to invest. Some things will be easyer with stick some will be harder.
I would say on average it should take at least 30 hours on stick to forget keyboard. But once you decide to go down a road don’t switch.

Thanks Rakae. I’m ok with 30 hours to transition. I was more worried that it might take upward of 300 hours. I’d rather not take the next 3 years of losing in order to just get back to where I was on keyboard. I’ll give it a shot.

Off topic but when sf4 first came out on PC the playerbase was actually pretty decent. Its only dead right now because its sf4…
Obviously theres a ton more competition on xbl but i’d rather stick to my keyboard roots :slight_smile:

A few things though. AA demon and tk air fbs are all possible on keyboard. They are hard yes, but they aren’t easy on a stick either. I think tk fireballs in general arent that hard on keyboard once you learn the motion or shortcut really. I play on a laptop though and I’m more used to the laptop keyboard feel than the desktop ones with the huge keys.

It took me 1month to transition from Pad to Stick, however I cant still play Tekken with the stick