Going from MvC2 to GGXX

What should I learn first in Slash? Where do I begin? I use Ky, Millia, Jam, and a few others… I’m still getting a feel for who I like, but so far, I like them and Testament the best… I’m typically a casual player in this game, but now I want to get good…


Hmm just go to dustloop.com and read up on the faqs there, just to learn the game mechanics and stuff, im no MvC2 but I can answer all your gg questions here

Id completely memorize one character first, then start going deeper into that chars RC, FRC, options. Then u should be good. And u gotta remember how much more open ended ggxx is compared to marvel. Completely forget how u play marvel and pretend to learn this game from scratch.

thx bryzor

ahh I wish there were more like u out there… hehe

IMO learn a character u really like… know his moves setups… and most importantly combos… like MvC2 u can know all the moves setups in the world but if ure not consisant enough with ure combo u’re not gonna do really well. Somtimes that one combo is enough to change the whole tempo of the game…

Secondly learn the basics… air throw (THIS IS A MUST), run FD cancel, iad, jump install etc… u’ll like ure character more once u can do all the basic stuff (go to DL.com or RC.com to find out how to do those stuff)

Finally… watch match vids and understand why they do what they do… like marvel while it may be chaotic at times… good players are usually always setting up so if they attack a certain way there is a reason… learn that reason and remember it… know each character matchup… IMO why the US has a difficult time catching up to JPN is because each little hot spots have their own group of players that play only a handfull of those characters. While they might be proficient vs the characters they play against they have a hard time vs characters they are not use to seeing. To avoid the frustration just watch a lot of match vids create the setups and situations the other characters will probably do to u and figure out ways around it… thats my best advice to u… and of course play vs human… playing vs computer isnt the same…

I hope u have fun…

and those characters u’ve chosen are really good…

Hey m1x4h, RenoRob covered all the above points pretty well, so now I’ll explain why the characters you chose are “really good”.

Ky is a really pressure oriented character. He deals damage by building the opponent’s guard meter. He’s also got above average range and a “fireball trap” that is somewhat similar to Old Sagat’s. He is currently one of the top two characters, according to Japanese ranking. He takes average damage.

Millia is toned down from #Reload, but is still an excellent mix-up based character. Her speed lets her get into opponent’s very quickly, and her awesome range on her trip allows her to always get a knockdown, as long as you’re patient. She’s currently a middle/above middle level character. She takes the 2nd worst damage in the game, and requires intelligent methods of getting in.

Jam is also toned down from #Reload, but in a much smaller way. She still deals solid damage, has solid mix-ups, and is an overall great beginner character. She relies on a basic style, but has the tools to win. In fact, the SBO champion this year, Kani, is so good with her, he won the entire tournament by himself (minus one game; he went 14-1). She is also in the same area as Millia. She get hit pretty hard in the damage department, however, so you have to be a little big more careful with her than other characters.

Testament in my opinion is an excellent starter character, especially in Slash. His primary damage comes from mix-ups, and has the tools to play defensively or offensively. Alot of his best attacks lead into combos, and knockdowns for repeated mix-up opportunities. He also can have an “assist” attack for him, if you can hit the opponent with an off the ground skull (very, very easy). He is currently ranked in the 2nd highest tier, and I feel one of the strongest characters in the game. He also takes average damage.

Now, I personally play Slayer and would recommend him to you if you’re just starting. His style is Slash is a pretty broad range of powerhouse, mix-up, and zoning. You can play an aggressive in-your-face style, or you can play a slower, poke-based style. Any hit leads to great damage if you have 50% tension, and his counterhits are absolutely wonderful. I can give you the most help with this character, if you’d like. he also takes excellent damage, and deals incredible damage for his style. The Japanese have ranked him in the middle/above middle tier range.

Feel free to AIM me / PM me and I’ll help you out, or post up on dustloop’s forum and you’ll get lots of help.

How about order Sol and johnny?

i’m all for learning how to play Slayer. Except I can’t practice. Anyways, I sorta learned bite loop and SSSS qcf+P back when I played reload. I’m not exactly familiar with the rest of his tools or basics though.

potemkin slash is very good

Lots of little things you’ll need to relearn that will only come through experience, but yeah it’s best to learn the game with only 1-2 characters you like, it simplifies the learning process.
There are a lot of concepts you’ll carry over from Marvel, just how you go about things is different. There’s a lot more emphasis on poking than there is in Marvel, but a lot of the zoning concepts and stuff are actually fairly similar.

But yeah, easiest way to learn is dustloop.com 'cuz discussion is fairly active over there.

Order Sol is like the 2nd worst character in the game =( I could help with him but there’s plenty of discussion going on at dustloop and it would probably save time for both you and me if you were to just go there and read up and ask questions.

Johnny is really good at the moment. He requires a good eye for distances and heights and really good execution to do well with… but not nearly as much as in #R. Same deal, go to DL and check things out.

Set-up > Infinite > Dead

Imo GGXX is all about knock down and attacking on their wake-up (Okizeme). Since there’s no neutral point like Parrying etc (besides 1 Burst) on wake-up block strings come in very important. Keeping control, mixing up, comboing and repeating the process is one way to look at it. Of course you can run away, but whether it’ll leave you in a good position or not…Who knows?

If you’re good at keeping up ROM inf’s you shouldn’t have a probelm with RC/FRC combos. The only really hard thing about them is figuring out the FRC timing, other than that if you’re a concistant Marvel player I couldn’t imagine you having too much trouble.

I learned how to play Dizzy first in #RELOAD, which was quite hard, learning FRC’s and whatnot, but I took me alot of dedication, but then heck, after getting down Dizzy’s fricken Spike FRC I could almost FRC anything else in the game! But yeah personally, I’d learn Sol first, minus Dustloo-- I mean Sidewinder looping… His B&B is pretty easy and pretty decent I think.

i don’t want to learn sol due to the same reason i didn’t learn ryu first.

Try Venom out, he’s beastly at controling space.

hmmm i dont know how to explain that one because im going from 3s to GG. hard transition lol

I have two questions.

  1. I heard that Chipp has improved in Slash. How has he changed?

  2. I don’t have Slash and I don’t know when, or if, it is coming out in the US. For now, I want to get a stragegy guide for GGXX #Reload since I liked the one from Brady Games for SFAC. Do you know where I can get one if such a thing exists?

it’s called http://www.dustloop.com/

I know about dustloop already. I would just like it in book form with colorful pictures and stuff instead of sifting through forums for what I want.

Edit: Seems like one for this game doesn’t exist or is extremely rare. If someone can find one, then that is fine but otherwise I’m not going to pull my hair out for this

I don’t think there’s a guide like that, at least not in English. Maybe you can find a Japanese guide somewhere. Or you can simply go to DustLoop and print whatever info you need for free.

I don’t think a Japanese one exists either. As I said before, I have a thing for pretty pictures and organization so I tend to gravitate towards things like that. I would settle for what they had on the now defunct gamecombos.com since they had that sort of thing. I’ll just take the free option for now since it’s better than nothing.