Going from Pad --> Stick



Okay, I been playing Viper for awhile. Yet, I’m still trash with her lol. (Around 1000 - 1200) range :.

I just brought the Hori EX2 stick for a starter… You know the 50 dollar one on Amazon.

I can say, this feel awkward ass hell play on a stick. I can’t get out a damn instant burn kick, I seem to have troubles on the P1 side doing a super jump too the P2 side. Idk why.

So, my question is… How long it take most of you too get used to play on stick from playing on pad so long?


I would have to say it took me about 6 months total to have a pad become foreign to me. I kinda gave up on stick when I first got it and it sat for about 2-3 months before I gave it another shot. Although using a stick wasn’t completely new to me as I used to play MvC and MvC2 in my “local” arcade a solid 10 years ago.

Some advice that I can give is keep it up. Making the transition from pad to stick can be a rough one. It won’t happen over night, that’s for sure.


Yeah, that’s pretty much how I feel at the moment. Like, I play stick for a game, then just go right back too Pad. Okay, guess I’ll have to work on this this. Thanks.


hah, oh man. i haven’t played on pad, but the Hori EX2 was my first stick ever. It’s a great starter stick but I definitely suggest getting a TE someday. The buttons and the stick movement just feels much much better, and the weight/size of the stick is a lot more comfortable.


Here are my tips for you

  1. Get comfortable: find the best and comfortable way for you to be holding the stick, everyone has their own unique way of holding it and you should figure out your own method of gripping the stick.

  2. Get to know where the buttons are: You need to be able to hit on the correct button without your hand flying in every dirction take it sloow and steady and very soon it will become second nature to you.

  3. start with the basic moves: like hado moves then to tatsu moves then to shoryuken, once you get that down then instant air moves will be alot easier.

  4. be patient with yourself: All this takes time.

Although I dont play on stick but I play with the analogue stick of a PS3 controller and that was how I managed to get used to it


Why switch at all?

Viper is really good on pad. all her moves translate very well to a D-pad, and the buttons being close together makes feints a breeze.

There is a reason one of the best Viper players in the world uses a pad.