Going from Ryu to Sakura

Since theres like a thousand Ryus and they all suck since they cant focus cancel for their life im switching out my 2nd main for someone else. I chose Sakura but theres not alot of info on her and her playing style. So I ask this board what should my mentality be? What pokes/ combos. And since sakuras a console exclusive you wont be seeing her in the tournament scene will you? I’ll prolly use Zangief for the tournament scene anyway but im curious.

Whiff punish stuff with low forward > dp. Anti-air with crouching strong. On wake-up, press lots of buttons.



Do I smell console character beef? Haha, just jokes, jibbo. I’m a fan of your gen style. Props for your evo showing.

As for the ryu to sak…the best thing I can tell you is ‘don’t expect to win right away’. Real talk, ryu is super easy mode. Sakura has to work her way in and stay there, while dodging and avoiding counters that you will have to leave yourself open to due to her wreckless yet calculated mix-up game.

She’s all about 1-frame links and timed attacks, so throw out everything you know about using fireballs and being safe on wake-up.

Above all…have fun =)

1-frame? Sakura possibly has the easiest links in the game :stuck_out_tongue:

Main differences between Sakura and Ryu are:
Sakura can’t Ultra off just about anything.
Sakura can’t really zone with her Hadouken.
Sakura’s Shououken works differently to Shoryuken.
Sakura’s Shunpuu Kyaku works differently to Tatsumaki Senpuu Kyaku, and is an excellent combo tool.
Sakura has lots of sexy links.
Sakura is adorably cute :slight_smile:

Other than that, the best way of learning is watching videos and getting stuck in :slight_smile:

that’s probably because you use her a lot and have had practice. And you call cr.HP, lk.shunpu, cr.HP, lk.tatsu easy? You must be awesome =)

As for combos, at least (j.HK / crossup j.LK) -> c.HP -> EX tatsu -> reset or otoshi is pretty easy to time.
The reset takes some nerves though, I can’t do it in a real match, that’s for sure.

hey jibbo i just played you on PSN lol :smiley:

Ahh not at all. :lovin:

Really, that’s her most effective stuff. Solid anti air. Bufferable, mid range low poke with fast recovery. Heavy block strings with confirmable, high stun, damage and potential resets.

Her fireball is good too. It may not be as good as ryu’s, but you can definitely use it to zone. It’s all about placement.

Obey: Yeah you did lol. I don’t have a converter for my stick anymore (stolen at evo), so I’m just messing around on pad. :sad: Good stuff!

hey jibbo, you used to be an avid sakura player too werent you? i remember watching some of your youtube videos

You can definitely use Sakura in tournaments, just don’t expect to win…at all. But if you want to have FUN, then she’s a great character.

I don’t refer to her Light Shunpuu links as regular links :stuck_out_tongue: Using a Light Attack after a Light Shunpuu gives you two frames, not one (same with using “plinking” with c.HP) :wink: The regular 3-hit ones are easy compared to the rest of the cast :slight_smile:

Actually I found that if you do c.HP xx Light Shunpuu it pushes them too far back to do a c.HP link after :stuck_out_tongue: Probably character dependant but on Ryu it was a swing and a miss :stuck_out_tongue:

I guess Sabre’s wins at Evo didn’t happen then :stuck_out_tongue:

He didn’t win the tournament… (I believe that was the implication.)

I just wish Sakura had a single reliable wakeup. And maybe an air tatsu more like Dan’s.

This is my favorite combo, cr.HP xx lk tatsu xx cr.HP xx Ex tatsu. Seems to work on everyone for me, but of course when close up, in the corner, after j.HP or after a crumple FA lol

That was when I was first learning the system. I didn’t wanna play a Gen off the back cause I knew I’d be terrible with him starting off. Sakura is pretty simple and easy to learn with. I still play her casually from time to time, along with a lot of other characters.