Going from Sanwa to Seimitsu buttons *impressions*

First off I have to say without a doubt Seimitsu line of clear buttons are fancy with cream on top! Having used Sanwa now for well over four years first thing you notice with Seimitsu buttons is how heavy they feel when you press down on them. It also feels like the plunger hits the side more then say a sanwa button, but that might just be my imagination.

Question for long term Seimitsu button owners do they brake in / become more sensitive (No homo) after a certain amount of clicks? I found Sanwa do and it would make sense that Seimitsu do the same.

This thread is not a knock against Seimitsu just posting my impressions, and hoping to get more feedback from other Seimitsu owners, who seem to be on the up rise thanks to nice looking buttons they have on offer. :woot:

I have no personal experience with Seimitsu buttons, but I recall having read on multiple occasions that they change feeling significantly as they wear in. I don’t know if they’re supposed to get better or worse, though!

i went from sanwas to seimitsus…the sanwas were way too squishy

I find that the Seimitsu buttons feel kind of clunky when compared to Sanwa buttons. Sanwas feel nice and compact whereas the Seimitsu feels like there is a bit of cardboard stuck in there or something. Seimitsu sticks on the other hand are God!

ditto what Andi said. Sanwa buttons and seimitsu sticks.

I switched from Sanwa to Seimitsu and I like Seimitsu better. I feel as if the Sanwa are a bit too sensetive and I sometimes like to keep my fingertips over the button and slightly touch them but with Sanwas it will register when I do that.

Also its like it will press the button earlier than when I actually want to because I expect the button to be pressed when I have it fully depressed but with Sanwa its not like that.

Reg. Seimitsu buttons don’t have as much sensetivity as Sanwas, but the Seimitsu Skeleton buttons have more sensetivity than the Reg. Seimitsu ones. So its almost a cross between the two. I like them.

the ps-14-kn’s have a 2 stage depress. The first 4mm or so of travel is wasted movement, then the button activates at the last 2mm of the buttons travel. That’s why I like the sanwas they require almost no effort to activate. I find EX moves and supers to be easier on sanwas. But that my personal taste.

If you grow your fingernails out longer it will add weight to your fingertips which will, in essence, have the same effect as the button becoming more sensitive. For added “sensitivity” you can also add weight to your fingertips by painting them with a thick layer of enamel. Pink colored enamel is heaviest.

rofl, someone rep this man.

Ok personally, I find Seimitsu buttons fine. They are not as sensitive as Sanwas but they work well. I would say they work better than Sanwas if you tend to slam your buttons. They also tend to work better for mash moves as you don’t have to let the button return all the way to the top like on Sanwas. If you don’t like the two stage travel, then get Seimitsu snapins.Now I feel like tiering buttons

Good buttons any of these buttons are good. I have listed them in order of personal preference but you can’t really go wrong with any of buttons.

  • Sanwa
  • Seimitsu
  • Crown
  • Happ Competition/Convex

shitty but not nearly as shitty as the ones in the next category of buttons

  • Happ Concave w/horizontal microswitch
  • NEW Wico leaf switch buttons

Complete shit, avoid at all costs

  • Happ Ultimates
  • 2 week old Wico leaf switch buttons
  • all buttons with leaf switches
  • Gamepad buttons on joysticks

knockoff buttons that don’t suck

  • Namco stick buttons
  • ASCII stick buttons
  • all other knockoff buttons suck large amounts of moose cock and should be immiedietly replaced

Seimitsu buttons are good shit.

I have two sticks; one all-sanwa and one all-seimitsu. I can switch between them without any real problems.

Sanwa buttons are actually a little too sensitive for me, but I can still play on them.