Going to Arcade UFO's AE launch to test the "new" Gen



Yo, other Gen’s.

I guess I can say I have a decent 9250 BP Gen who I’ve been using on and off since Vanilla. I live in Austin, Texas and try to frequent Arcade UFO every week but usually play really scrubby since I’m a pad player and I don’t really have a stick. But, I’ve been getting the hang of it and will probably switch over once I buy a nice stick and get the hang over switching stances mid-combo with three buttons instead of one.

Fubarduck said that UFO will probably be receiving AE on the 18th, and I’m definitely going to hit up the arcade and the following days to play it. I might try Yang out once, but I’m probably going to mess around with this old geezer most of the time, and I’ll definitely share what I think about his new changes or if any are noticeable at all. There’s going to be a crap ton of people there, so I’m hoping I’ll actually be able to play it once or twice. I’ve never seen another Gen user at UFO, so I doubt he’ll be represented there besides me, unless there’s some users that are driving in from out of the area.

Anyways, is there anything that you people would want me to reasonably attempt or try to pull off in a match? I’ll give you my thoughts when I arrive home those nights, and tell you what I think.

Just let me know. Thanks.


There’s the optional ps2 pad ports if you feel like using that as well, just fyi. Look forward to having another local come play!


We already have an entire thread that messiah made, on what we would like to see check out in AE, check it out. I can’t wait for footage tomorrow (some japanese site is uploading tons of matches tomorrow semi-live) and see what japanese players will step up and play/pick Gen.


Ah, cool, I’ll check it out.

Yeah, Ikaru, I heard about that on the last Ranbat stream. Unfortunately, I learned Gen on a lame, normal 360 controller, and don’t know how different switching over to a PS2 pad would be. I think I’m fine with a stick, because it’s way easier to MK > Hands, but just have some basic execution errors every now and then with it.


If you have some links, could you please post them here :D?


wtf really? :confused:

you mean people will be able play the arcade version with a controller? sounds weird :open_mouth:


hopefully hoigek, rokotsu or profecery will be there for the grand opening


Will do, if there are any Gens… :frowning:


I live in Houston and since i don’t really like PZ that much(and noone really knows when they are gonna get AE if at all), i’ll probably be in Austin maybe on the 19th though to test out the “Fatal Fingerer”, and my scrubby ass dhalsim. I was planning on taking notes or something, because I’m really hoping this characters buffs are important to bringing him up the tier-list.

I plan on checking out most new combos and try to use the new target combo to see if its usefull, and i’ve started using crane U2 for a while now getting used to situations to land it so now it should be even easier, so im going to check for different ways to land that. And I wanna see if the mantis crossup U1 is still intact as well as all the other gen shenanigans. Hopefully I don’t get beasted on by the fei army…:tup: And now americas freeness to japan slowly increases.


Oh, by the way, UFO’s copies of AE have been delayed by UPS ever since Saturday, but it looks like they will probably get it on Tuesday, so I’ll definitely be there.

EDIT: Damn, they say it could be an extra week now. Oh well, who am I to complain? I’ll have super within driving distance forever after whenever it comes out.

EDIT2: Tomorrow! All day.


Sorry, it’s been awhile. Gen seems to be pretty much the same character though, but with a few new tricks that are hard for me to implement into my game without getting destroyed and losing a dollar. I like AE a lot, more than Super and way more than Vanilla, since it seems like it’s more fast paced and balanced. I’ve gone to UFO a lot since AE hit, but I’ve found myself playing 3rd Strike a lot more since I just love that game so damn much. But, I’ll be going back a lot more, probably on a weekly basis, to grind it out in AE, so just let me know if you want me to try or test something out for you.

These things have definitely not changed:
-Walk speeds in both stances.
-Focus Attack.
-MK Hands, Gekiro (EX too), Oga, Jazen.
-Crouching MK under projectiles.
-All Ultras/Supers damage and speed (Not sure about recovery.)
-Crane Ultra 1 still terrible.
-Cross-ups and 95% of his normals.
-Oga cross-ups/resets.

-I’m not really familiar with Gen’s second pair of ultras, but these are the things that I saw Teiga trade with:
-One of Yun’s divekicks (Really.)
-An AA crouching normal (?) from Yang.
-An AA standing normal from Dee Jay.
-An airborne fierce shoryu from Ken.
But other than that, it seemed to travel the same distance and do the same amount of damage, though someone who played there earlier said that it looked like the recovery was slightly better on whiff.

-I don’t know how or why, but the almost useless FADC into Crane Ultra 1 seems a lot easier to pull off now. It looks like your opponent flies further up into the air and you have a much bigger window to land the ultra before they touch the ground. This could just be me, though.

-Gen’s HP into MK TC seems wondrous, while I can’t really find a use for his c.LK into c.MK TC, if only to incorporate it in a blockstring. It was hard to implement them into matches since everyone I played was so good and all “serious buisness”, but when I screwed around with a friend for one round, Gen’s EX Gekiro seemed to combo well out of the TC and did a reasonable chunk of damage but at the cost of one precious bar of meter.

-I’m in love with his Mantis roundhouse. It’s my favorite poke now. While MK still seems to come out faster and you can do hands after it, HK just looks weird and seemed to catch a lot of players off guard. The way he moves his body into the kick made a lot of people hit a button, but then they get caught by his foot, which looks like it can be very meaty and hit a lot longer after you throw it out. Reminds me a lot of Sakura’s HK now.

-The crazy damage received on Crane’s c.HP is still there. I whiffed it on accident when I thought I was in Mantis stance, and a Sagat nailed me with jumping roundhouse that must have still done an unusually high amount of damage to kill me.

-Yun is now my least favorite matchup for Gen. I really don’t have any trouble with Rufus or Cammy, but every time I encounter a good Yun at the arcade, my ass gets handed to me very badly. It’s quite difficult to AA his dive kick pressure, since Gen’s crane cr.HK loses to it and is hard time, or mistiming one Gekiro will result in a 50%-60& mixup into Genei-Jin. Mantis standing HP seems the way to go, but still loses a lot to dive kicks or anything else in Yun’s gigantic bag of tricks.

-Honda’s so awesome to play against in AE, now that LP Headbutt can’t AA. He’s probably my favorite character to play now. I used to dread the matchup, but now I can happily look like an idiot and constantly jump around the screen while throwing out crossups and jump-in’s that he really can’t do anything about. Jump, jump, jump, jump, jump. One Honda I played caught on and decided to start neutral jumping fierce me, but I just walked up and Ryukoha the first time he tried. Good times.

-Gen has a new unblockable setup in which he can Crane Ultra 1 after two FADCs into - Nah, I’m just kidding.


Great stuff Slice0FriedGold. When you get your hands on AE again, would you mind testing these things out?

  • When Gen lands a Mantis Super, are there still times where he would go far out of range to where following up with MK/HK Gekiro would whiff?
  • With the hurtbox reduction in Mantis S.LP from elbow onward, is it a viable close-ranged poke now, like Balrog’s S.LP?
  • With Mantis/Crane U2 both buffed, would you say that overall U2’s are more useful then U1’s, or are U1’s still better?



^ Mantis U2 got buffed?


Mantis U2 received a increased Lower Hitbox buff, so it’s less likely to whiff. There’s no other changes to it unfortunately.


I think the only benifit from that is that it makes it easier to combo into from Super.


maybe it works as an anti air?

anyway, grey damage is still too bad for a 450 dmg ultra which also gets scaled to poop in combos

whats good (at least in ssf4 console) about that ultra? damage is not that good, range is awful, invincibility is not that good, grey damage sucks ass, still safe jumpable… if there was a possibility to get mantis U1 together with crane U2, nobody would ever choose it


The major buff to mantis U2 is that it will counter a low attack from ALL situations. As it sits in super right now if Shotos do c.mk and you do U2, it will whiff and they will be able to block. That is not the case in AE.

The biggest buff of all in ultras is crane Ultra 2. It is at least twice as fast. I hit Mokoto from full screen when she was trying to build meter by doing her command grab. If you are familiar with mokoto in 3rd strike, Gen U2 travels as fast as her super!!! No Joke, its that fast.

IMO U2’s dont replace U1’s but Crane U2 is so good now it almost makes selecting Ultra 50/50. For instance, in Super I pick U1 90% of the time. In AE, I’ve probably picked U2 70% of the time.