Going to attempt to mod, what tools to get?


So I just had a pad dual modded for me, and the end result is I have a 360 Standard Edition stick now with no PCB in it.

Now, I have a MadCatz Round 2 FightPad for 360. I know when people dual mod sticks, they’ll usually just use a PCB from a pad.

So I’m wondering is it possible for me to use the PCB from my MadCatz pad to put into the stick?

And if so, what tools am I going to need to buy? I have no experience with soldering, but would like to start. Most things I need I can get at Home Depot or something, right?


You’ll be doing a lot of wiring and soldering, I’d look into radio shack more than home depot.


You can get most thing at radio shack (preferred) you will need the following:
Solder Iron
Solder wire
22- gauge copper wire
22-Quick disconnect
Heat Shrink tubing or Tubing
De-soldering tool a vacuum one or a Copper braid.
Lighter or heat for the heat shrink
Hot glue gun.

That should cover most of the tools you’ll need


Radio Shack would make more sense, haha.

What exactly is the 22-Quick disconnect?


Piece that attaches to the button’s wiring pins.

Here’s an example of one I found off the net, may not be exact, but similar enough:



Gotcha. Well this helps out. Just going to have to look at the wiring diagrams and all that and figure the rest out myself. Thanks!


Heat shrink tubing isn’t totally necessary. It’s just for wire management, which, when you’re starting out, can look quite terrible.

I prefer the copper braid for desoldering mistakes. Pumps or suckers tend to shake when you use them, and it’s a little harder to control. Also, be sure that if you use copper braided wire, hold it with pliers. Remember, it’s conductive, so holding it directly on to the hot solder will conduct it up to your fingers.

Wattage is something to consider. How much heat do you want is what matters. Higher is not necesarrily better, especially if you haven’t had any experience, because you can toast things to a crisp. But higher heat allows you to work more quickly.

I’d recommend picking up some perfboard while you’re at it, and then just solder wires from point-to-point. Try going through the holes first, but then try soldering to the surface, because you will have to solder to the surface with your padhack.

Leaded solder. It’s cheaper, and it works at lower heats better than its lead-free counter parts. Get the kind that is listed at “Light Duty.” That’s as thin as you want it. Any thicker is just a pain. 60/40 rosin core is the norm.

Stranded wire. 22 gauge is probably the smallest you’ll find. Solid core is terribly hard to work with, and it will break right off easily. Also, a little tip about wire, tin the wire, that is, melt a little solder over the wire strands to bond them together, then use this solder that’s on the wire. Melt again when you get to the contact you want to solder to, then once it flows against the contact, remove the iron, let it cool, then it will be soldered in place.

Also, you’ll need these: RadioShack? 8.5" 4-Way Crimping Tool - RadioShack.com They are for cutting and stripping wires, and they also crimp quick disconnects.

You don’t need quick disconnects. If all you did was take your PCB out of the SE, then you still have all the quick disconnects that came with the stick there.

Also, you may need a very tiny screwdriver to open up your fightpad, and a larger one to open up your stick, but I assume you already have those.


you know this really depends on what you still have in the SE. if you still have the terminal strip and the turbo panel in the stick and your just missing the actual PCB its easy to wire up. you just use the terminal strip as your soldering points, and there is one spot in the turbo panel for the guide you have to hit. thats it. the USB is soldered straight to your fightpad pcb. at most you’ll need a small spool of wire and a soldering iron/solder. you wont even need QD’s since the terminal strip is already hooked up to your pushbuttons. the wire is for the small soldering you have to do for guide,terminal strip,and directionals… all that other stuff is really extra.

Just missing pcb in SE your bare minimum
22 stranded wire
solder iron

how you want to mount the pcb in there is a no-brainer… zip ties and some sticky tie pads your done… and thats just being quick and easy.