Going to be repping Mega at a local tounement



So does anyone have any advice to give? I’ve searched this forum up and down for combos but if anyone could post any interesting strats that would work in a tourney then that would be great.

My team is Megaman, Ironman and Psylocke. I like to use the Tornadoe hold and hardly ever use leaf shield or rock ball. the leaf shield takes to long to start up and rock ball is just not for me. Does anyone know of any good ways to use the leaf shield with out getting cought in a combo? Also does anyone have Mega’s infinit so i can see how it is done. i can only get up to 9 hits and for some reason I have a easier time soing it away from the Corner rather than in the corner and does anyone know how to gool your opponent to free them up if they insist on blocking. Please respon before june 12 as i need time to practice. THX


the best team would be megaman tbonne and cable

megaman and tbonne do so much together cuz he is perfect size when you connect his lowkicks with her projectile assists and man that shit HURTS BAD
you have to fill up the screen with rockballs and fireballs and you see a chance go in and attack

i got cable in there for emergencys :evil:

ps if you dont rockballs you will loose. they take so much life its crazy


Some team dynamics:
If you wanna get anywhere in a tourney, you probably need to use Sent, so…

MM/Sent/Cable or Commando or Tbonne

MM/Tbonne is wicked, but the team setup makes you Cable-weak.
Also, as long as you don’t let MM die, Sent/MM-projectile does a pretty good impression of Sent/Capcom, so you can probably make that team work w/ Cable thirds, which also gives you CAHVB to get past opposing Cables, and of course the comeback factor. With storm in there, you shouldn’t have probs against Cable, but then you have to fight Sent w/o AA, so your Storm would need to be pretty buff.


Truthfully I am not going to change any of my team members for a upper tier character. i know Magneto, Storm, Sentina, and Cable are all baddasses and can really help me out in winning but Ironman really interest me with his versitility in the air and the ground. I replaced Cyclops with Psylocke because I feel she can apply more pressure on a opponent. now saying that I have no problem attempting to use T.Bonne as she can work with ironman along with MM. So pretty much if anyone knows anything I can do with my current team then that would be great. for further information i use IM AA and Psy AA assist types. I can set up MM infinite with both IM and Psy but it is easier for me to do it with Psy assist.

Can anyone tell me the timing for MM infinite? i can get around 9 or so hits before they block. My method is lp…lp,hp,lp…lp,hp,lp…etc…".

“ps if you dont rockballs you will loose. they take so much life its crazy”

How do I use this without getting owned? Only thing I can think of is J. 2 fp land rockball. lk. I am use to comboing with tornadoe Hold but if there is a different tactic that can be used with MM I would like to know. he is already a annoying opponent to face so different ways on wooping someone would be awesome.


Its best if you have a screen filling assist like Sent Ground. You call assist, set ball, kick it, do jump fierce, crouch fierce. call assist, repeat. Something like that. But tornado holds not bad at all. IT makes the slide safe and you can use that to pressure your opponent.


I wouldnt really know the dynamics of MM/IM, so I cant tell you how to use the rockball, cause that depends alot on the assist. Your using his AAA, which would give him alot of protection, but not really apply so much pressure. The rockball is a pressure game. You gotta keep them back from rushing down so much that they get frustrated. I’d say use his uni-beam assist, the rockball can pin them down and unibeam can chip or hurt while you jump with FP, and if they get too close, throw out Psy AAA instead. I’ve found alot of new apperication for the tornando hold, the only weapon for punishing assissts and more useful on pinning cable because he cant AHVB as long as he at least blocks it. But I would use IM to fight cable and sent, but im sure you know that. I still havent found anything worthwile in the leaf shield and as for the infinite, you don’t really need to infinite them, 2 repitions hurt hella hard due to FP damage. As far as combo, just launch and magic series into the FP, and im guessing you could launch, sj.lp, sj.lk XX Hyper Mega Man DHCed into Proton Cannon for alot of damage, if not at least a safe switch. Mega Man can’t open up someone who blocks well, he’s playing keep away, not rush down, your gonna be looking to your assists to open them up. Also watch for people who will rush under you when you jump to shoot, instead either block or fk, the FK will trade or win if they are close enough, I’d be especially careful of storm, cause her roundhouse can launch from pretty far off.


ok i will try changing IM assist to projectile because When I use Megaman I have a probem with chipping anyone so unibeam can reall help me out. Psylockes AA has crazy priority and comes out quickly and she gets out quickly. Also it protects me from jump in’s lik repulsor cannon which btw does insane damage but is pretty easy to block Thx for your help.

I guess I should practice those resets that I can not do for crap. I just cant grab them in the air and when I do the most i do after that is a lp. what should I look for when I do it as far as opponent hieght and what not after super j.


Be VERY careful with those resets, the timing for Mega Man’s grab is very specific, you can’t just grab like Magnus or Storm, you will have to slow down the magic series in the air combo in order for the grab to connect, opponents might notice the slowdown and react to tech, or hit you before you grab. I’ve been trying different ways to get his air grab without slowing down the combo, this way they dont see it coming, still trying. Best thing when it comes to the air grab is to do it ala Cammy, just grab them whenever they normal jump and OTG into the air combo. Maybe I’ll tinker with MM/IM/Psy and see what I come up with…


Ok I messed around with the assist types and its not worth switching to projectile for IM. his AA works really well because it takes a big part of the screen, prevents jump ins and sucks the enemy to me when they are cought in Ropulsor cannon and from there i have the option of doing a otg or the infinite, but the infinite is hard to do much less off of IM assist I also launch 2 fp punches in the air. and if i am getting rushed down badly i just call psylocke because her assist stop almost everything. IM assist traps well with fp’s.

I wish i can do the resets with the throw but i just cant get it all the time. Oh well

I also will be trying out Doom in my team now that I can deal a lot of damage with just MM and assist. His rocks are crazy.


MM/???/Capcom-aa is all you need

i personally use MM-proj/Cammy-aa/Cap.camando-aa as my main team

with you throwing smart jumping (not standing) fierces and rockball, as well as camando’s anit-air, you’ve made megaman a turtle that can’t be touched.

we all know that megaman can kill mags and storm, just play defensively and time the buster shots. and go get the rockball out. you can kill thier first char in less than 10 seconds…

other good works are MM/Sent/capcom, MM/sent/cammy


It is kinda too late for me to try to switch teams a few days before a tourney buit I think my team will work fine. Psylocke is killer when she comes out with her assist. it can stop a lot of supers on start up then all I do is a OTG.What do you think Mega being at point… I put him there until I can do a DHC into Proton CannonI try to do the most damage as i can with MM then I bring out IM man hoping I can start his infinite. i know this is a weird team but it works for me. I can zone with MM assistdrop smart bombs Dash and drop more of Smart bombs. MM assist is really good for a timed atack because of its speed and it hits twice. you can really push a guy against a corner with his assist becuase the timing is diffrent from most projectiles. I love it. just make sure your character has a good jump+attack priority.