Going to build 4-button stick with OBSF-24. any info? any templates? any advice?


I’m going to build custom stick with 4x OBSF-24. 8 buttons is not always comfortable especially in BB, VF & SNK games. Also my fingers aren’t too thick so i decided to try 24mm as basic input buttons.

What do you think about that? Maybe you can share any info or experience on building 4-buttons sticks (or sticks based on 24mm buttons).
Thanks a lot!


If you want to build one from scratch, you could follow this guide.

Or if you want to modify a TE stick you can order a custom plexi replacement from Welcome to Art’s Hobbies

I don’t know if Art ships to Russia so you should try contacting him first.


I want to build it from scratch. I have basic info on stick building info already. Anyway thanks for your input.
I interested in information about 4-button sticks, their layaouts, sticks based on 24mm buttons.


You can take an existing layout and shrink it to 80%. 24/30 = 80% My favored 4-button layout is the Sega 6-button layout with MK and HK removed.


Recieved some parts from akihabarashop.jp and decided to test everything on a shoe box before building case of wood. It is going to be my first ever fully custom stick.
Gettin layout was pretty easy. I just put my hand on shoebox and draw lines around my fingers =) It seems my idea was good enough since i feel comfortable with current position of buttons.

At this time connected as 3 buttons + start. I have tested it on VF5, some shumps and MAME. I’m going to add start+select+home buttons later
The second time in my life I’m doing the wiring… Trying to do it as clean as I can.
Testing… Since i haven’t tate setup i’m playng shumps horizontally LOL


You’re doing it wrong! You need to do shmups like this!


Better than my second wiring, though.


I know! But i dont have rotateble monitor or TV. But i can rotate myself LOL



The TV was put on the side so you won’t have to be. Curious, when you attached the wires to the QDs, why did you choose that side instead of the side you’re supposed to insert it from?


As i said before i dont have TV that can stand on the side.
I attached wires to QDs from other side since I’m going to build really slim & tiny stick


Here’s how we set up my wife’s 4 button xbox stick:

The case is 1 3/4" so its pretty slim!


Very nice stick! I want to build something like that but even smaller.
Can you please post some inside pics?


Maybe you should look into the mini stick: http://shoryuken.com/f226/mini-stick-cases-quality-travel-stick-line-starts-march-04-a-263949/


Whoa, I didn’t notice that you did that. I might actually steal this idea. It looks really neat!


If you wanted something even smaller than that, you could use one of my DIY steel panels and then use a thin piece of plywood underneath to mount your pcb or if you are really creative you could even mount your pcb to the sides of the stick with very creative use of dowels or screws :smile: This way you could have a control panel that is only about 2.2mms and because it is steel the control panel will be strong and will allow you to have a controller that can be as slim as you can possibly make it
Here are the panels and i could make you a 4 button panel just like you want


Sorry man, don’t have any pics of the inside, I’ll try to get some this weekend. We were running the Seimitsu PS15s at that time which are really small & made for an easy install. We are running some PS 14KNs now which require the QDs to be bent a bit to clear the bottom. With the way you do the wiring they may clear without bending at 1.75". That is a good way to install the wires, I may have to borrow that since most of our cases are thin.


I think I saw Godspu do that style of wiring back in August http://shoryuken.com/f177/check-out-my-new-arcade-stick-thread-part-deux-201537/index462.html#post9291198 some Very VERY Sick wiring job there… something to aspire too :slight_smile: