Going to Compete at the Highest Levels


I’m hopin it’s alright to put this here since i want a lot of people to see it. Figured General is better than a certain character.

My handle is OneTrueSonic and I’ve been playing since Samurai Shodown on the Genesis. I’ve always had a dream to play competitively but time, money, and area always screwed me over. I’m pretty bad right now, but I’ve put in some time to even out my life and now i’m in a good position to really dig in and get started learning this game from the bottom up again. I’m using my YouTube channel to post my own matches online. My goal is to compete at the highest levels of this game, or get as close as i can. I want that channel to be viewed by as many people as possible because i want critique. And i also want it to be a journey as well. An improvement blog basically.

I’m currently using Ryu to teach myself more about the games fundamentals and improve my general game play and execution. I am looking for constructive criticism on every single one of my matches. And i hope that i can use the comments and constructive feedback to improve my game as well as my own training, research, and playing.

My big, end goal is simply to place at EVO. Of course if i ever get there i’ll be wanting 1st, but hey i’m starting my big dreams humbly. That’s a LONG way away from where i am now. My short term goal right now is simply to be a regular upload on YogaFlame24’s YouTube channel. Another goal is to start attending and placing at local tournaments well. I live in Texas, so it shouldn’t be too hard.

Now i’m sure a bunch of people on this site have heard this all before, and i’ll probably get a lot of negativity from this post, but i’m hoping i get a lot of positive as well. Either way i’ll keep going with this, with or without the views or subscriptions. I just have a fire for competing and i’m done sitting around. I’m gonna do everything i can to level-up. That’s why i’m putting myself out there. If you wanna subscribe to see The Journey, or leave comments or whatever i’ll leave links here for you guys. I’ve also got a Tumblr which is where i’ll be chronicling my journey, so check that out too.

My Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGSU9xZlp7fcg_t-_At9mRA
My Tumblr: https://www.tumblr.com/blog/onetruesonic

Edit: Also just in case it’s not obvious. There are gonna be some crappy matches here so if you’re lookin for awesome high level replays unfortunately i’m not there yet. Just give it some time ya’ll.


Pretty tough to give critique when you’re very fresh, I can see that in your video’s (I only watched the Sagat and Rose match), your over all play is just - wrong, to but it bluntly.

Have you read the sonichurricain footsie guide? I suggest you start there and also the Ryu character sub forums. Good luck.


Yeah i have. And i can understand that too. I’m gonna reread it and keep going. Thanks for even that though. I wasn’t expecting anything until i showed some real improvement or that this was a serious thing.

Edit: I think what i’ll do is instead of uploading random matches, i’ll upload the ones where i felt i played to the best of my ability. That way any critique i get will be based on something easier to watch and respond to.


I’m in the same exact boat as you, I’m trying to be competitive now since Ultra and I’ve just been grinding with Decapre. I recently secured the #6 spot with her and plan on taking that #1 spot eventually. My advice is stay in training mode as long as possible or at least until you have a solid game plan for your character. You’ll need to have simple punishes armed and ready for those laggy matches, and some set ups to confuse your opponent. Also, jump into endless lobbies every now and then, you’ll be surprised how chill people are online especially those rooms that stream like PandaXgaming I think its called. Watch all of your own matches and take notes of your own bad habits, everyone has them and the only way you can fix them is if you see them. Good luck to you in your journey! :slight_smile:


Best advice? Don’t. Abandon that goal, for now anyway. Hanging on to a goal like that is little but a surefire recipe for frustration and ultimately quitting.

Becoming really good is a side effect of being obsessed with a game/genre because it’s just too damn fun, which then makes you want to practice and devour information. So find something that feels like it could just consume your life, and start playing the game for the joy of playing it and for the joy of studying it. Not to be the very best like no one ever was.


Frankly, to get truly good you need offline experience, and lots of it. Otherwise you’ll simply learn the game wrong since the meta is different online thanks to the lag. Online can be a good place to learn match-ups though.


best advice is to find an offline scene and play with them as much as possible.

Online is where you learn the worst habits you could ever learn. Stick to it for the matchups you can’t find in your local scene.


Man starting next year im hitting up offline ASAP. Since i stay in Florida it shouldnt be too hard to find offline competition, atleasts tourneys like CEO is near me. Online is good as a training ground but to play at higher level’s and be the best you just can’t do it online. Another big difference is unlike online, offline there’s tonsssss of pressure on you in terms of crowd noise and being around a load of people, online you dont experience any of that stuff.


Thanks for all of the advice and the comments all of you. I’m really glad this thread has even gotten this many responses.

I actually didn’t think of it like that. I can see how having my goal set specifically to being the best could get frustrating after a certain period of time. I actually do love this game though, not SF specifically but all fighters. Ever since the first time i played Samurai Shodown with my dad and i threw him to the opposite side of the screen so i could get my weapon back, i’ve been in love with fighters. I devour info, i love learning about the inner workings of the game, i know frame data for characters i’ve never touched, i watch match videos, and read articles, and know lots of random things as well. I am obsessed with the game as well as competition in general.

I just have finally put myself in a position where i can bring my relationship with the game to that next truly competitive level, which is where this thread and the channel came from. I do have a little group of friends i play with every Tuesday and Friday that are nearly as obsessed as i am and i use online to work out match ups and try to get rid of bad habits i see when i fight my friends. So what i want to do now is focus on increasing my knowledge even more and bring my skill up to the same level as my passion.

I’ll have some more videos uploaded tonight so take a look at those as well guys. Thanks a lot!


i watched your video, you are very far from your goal, but at least you have the motivation wich is the most important thing, grinding to very high ranking online can be good and help you overcome the different frustrating situations in SF4


It’ll click eventually. Keep trying.



So i’m still uploading videos, made a few new friends, even fought against AMY ROUNDHOU5E, who IIRC is Dr. Claw. That’s a Vega player i watched a lot when i mained Vega and it was kinda cool to run into him online.

I definitely feel like my gameplay is improving constantly now that i’m watching my own matches multiple times during the upload process and i’m spending a lot more time in training mode as well. If i get a chance i’m gonna start posting my offline matches with my local friends too. Online is great for practice but my friends who’ve played me a million times are gonna be the real measure of where i’m at vs where i was.


These goals are pretty admirable but like a few comments up there don’t let them consume you or you’ll start hating the game and yourself for not reaching them in the time you thought you would, secondly DO NOT listen to doopliss…you make combo videos on youtube guy…you don’t go out and place at tournies and this whole you NEED offline exp as a primary for learning adn getting good at the game is a moronic notion to say the least, yes you can learn some very very bad habits online, but as long as you stay away from them and play above the 1500pp range scrubs you’ll be fine…im so tired of scrubs who never go to tournies and actually win say, O you need to play offline a bunch you’ll never get good playing only online…smug is a perfect example of a player who primarily plays online and he is without question the best dudley in the world…im sorry but you need to stick to your combo videos doopliss…


Yes, you can learn bad habits online, and you WILL learn bad habits if you only play online. If you’re dedicated to becoming good then I’m sure you can do it that way, but it’s a hard road to take. And why do you see me making combo videos as a bad thing? That only means I have more knowledge of the game and probably better execution than the average player of my skill level.


Smug had bad habits when he started going offline. It took him some good months to start winning NLBC.


What online taught me with Ken:

  1. Kara Grab.
  2. Whiff normal.
  3. Jump in.
  4. DWU?
  5. Go low.

You can easily get 4k PP, people are like “Zomg he doesnt mashed dee pee”

What I’ve noticed from watching this guy, although he’s far from his goal, he didn’t pick a shoto and mash dp on every wakeup. He’s actually trying to play Street Fighter instead of herp derp. There’s hope in him!


One thing I can suggest is watching ultrachentv on twitch and youtube. Their youtube channel has a wealth of knowledge covering a wide variety of concepts for new and developing players. I’m pretty bad at fighting games still, but I’ve found their shows to be really helpful. Good luck!


I think Doopliss and Ibuki_Sama are both correct in this. I think you need both online and offline to get truly good. Online gives you way more experience and practice vs. so many different kinds of people and characters, but in person with a set group of people or characters over and over again you begin to stagnate. I think after playing online to a certain extent, nothing is really gonna surprise you anymore. But you need offline to get that true i’m right next to you, this is a high pressure situation that i need to deal with right damn now feeling that online just can’t give you.

Hopefully i’ll be doing both, but right now i’m just using online to immediately see bad habits and try to adjust. For instance, i notice that i was looking for specifically MP Srk to anti-air, instead of learning his normal anti-airs and just knowing exactly when to use srk as an anti-air. So you’ll see in my more recent videos i’m using srk less as an anti-air to get a feel for my normals being used for that.

I think online and offline give you the complete set of tools to work with in the long run.


Offline, more than online but yes both help. Online only will just teach you how to be a scrub tbh, I never go for max damage combos online against certain people because it’s just stupid and laggy. You also can’t get a read on/or condition XBL Ken (and now Evil Ryu) who dp on every wake up. You also get variety. Online = Shoto shoto shoto shoto Yun Ibuki shoto shoto shoto Blanka.

Offline I can play against Hakan, Blanka, Seth, Viper, Fuerte (gtfo), Ken, Poison, Bison, Sagat, Yun, Rufus, Makoto, Rose, Guile, Adon, Dudley, Balrog, Evil Ryu, Hugo, Fei Long, Dee Jay (I’m sure the guy dropped him now) regularly = more experience and better.


I’ll root for you next evo :slight_smile: