Going to japan for the first time..Suggestions for best arcades for fighting games

Hello all,

So I’m going to japan for the first time, and seeing as how im a fighting game player, i know japan is the mecca for arcades. I know there are a lot out there but which is the best from your experiences. All suggestions welcome.


The one that doesn’t involve you being mercilessly raped by a group of teenagers. Not that it matters since no one will talk to you regardless of where you go you gaijin monkey.

If you’re an asthmatic. Don’t bother.
Taito Hey…

Why go to Japan for the arcades. Its all about the used panty vending machines!

Search for an AV Idol instead, she will play gladly with your stick.

Honestly why go for the arcades? You play arcades here, plus over there a game costs like 5$ so fuck that

Go eat some authentic sushi, go to karaoke bars, if you are in tokyo rappongi is where all the weaboos go

Honestly much more to japan than arcades

I spent my time there eating ramen, sushi, and bbq. Going to those bars, and i even got some shoes

Eh. Japan also smells funny

I don’t think he was saying he was ONLY going for arcades I think he was more asking which were the best ones to go to. I will say though if you give us an idea of where exactly in Japan you’re headed it might narrow it down a bit.

This thread should point you in the right direction, or maybe it won’t, but at least it’s the right forum

Thanks TB…yes sorry should have been more specific. Im going to Tokyo, and no im not going just for the arcades, i’ll be doing other things of course, but wanted to go into an arcade for a bit to to experience it.

of course it depends on what game, but takodanobaba mikado is a historic non-corporate fighting game arcade and you can see it from the train station so its easy to find. baba has the best train station song too

but like I said, usually the really choice spots specialize in a specific game

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