Going to Japan: I Have Questions


K, so I’m going to Japan next month. I’m hoping to find a HRAP3 or something along that line in Japan. Does anyone know which stores in Japan sells sticks? And for how much are they selling them in Japan? Thanks a lot for your help. :lovin:


You have to bring extra parts back just wanted to comment


What do you mean?


Go to the Akihabara district. You should run into a store that sells all kinds of video game stuff, sticks included.



Do you know the name of the store?


I live at Camp Zama right now, when you come over just send me a PM and I will be able to show you some spots, but there are plenty of stores heres that sell everything.


TAKE ME WITH YOU, LOL. Have fun man.


haha, thanks! :wgrin:


yes you can find sticks at akihabara, but personally i thought that they’re definately NOT EASY to find. i was only in japan a few months ago for 4 weeks and i did not find a single HRAP, in akiba new or used. I did find other 3rd party sticks though, but they were far and between. you might need to look in the smaller alleys or find someone that already knows where to go.


Yeah akihabara definitely the place…good luck with your Japan vacation or something… :smiley:


Since SFIV came out, there’s been a huge shortage of supplies in sticks. I wouldn’t be surprised if there wasn’t a single one in Akiba for sale, esp at a decent/retail price. Just letting you know.


Damn. That doesn’t sound too good. I hope I can find a decent arcade stick over in Japan. I’m crossing my fingers!


lol just check every store for a stick…imagine it takes you like 4 hours to get 1 stick :stuck_out_tongue:


Doubt you’ll be able to find one, but if Akiba isn’t getting you results (tbh it wouldn’t surprise me) check all the Yodobashi Camera’s you can find. Who knows, you might get lucky.

If you are going to be travelling around Japan though Den Den Town (Nipponbashi in Osaka) is probably a better bet than Akihabara. Akiba stopped being the true home of Otaku gear a long time ago since it became more of a tourist attraction than a place for Otaku to hang out, so if you are in Osaka at all, check that out.


I used to live there too, very fond memories stepping out of the base & exploring the cool toys/arcade shops…


well Horistore has them for 10,000 yen… unless the site says they’re out (i cant read the moonspeak). 10,000 is ~100$ though. i would jump ALL over the chance to buy a stick for that much.


wandering aimlessly about Akiba is part of the fun. just go there & enjoy the experience. good luck!


In addition to checking out Akiba, I was staying in West Shinjuku, near where a lot of Sega arcades, and there were a couple of blocks with some large game stores, they had a couple of HRAPs that I couldn’t buy due to suitcase space :frowning:


Where’s this Hori Store located?