Going to main Guile



Don’t care if he’s supposed to suck in Street Fighter IV, Guile is just way too much fun to use. Not to mention, a extremely awesome character design wise. I just began using him and pretty much just using the controller I managed to win against a lot of people. However, I’m getting TE stick soon. The sadder part is I can’t even do his ultra or super either. To get to the point though, I just want any tips anyone can provide me for Guile. I know his crouching HK is one of his best normals as it sweeps twice and can catch those not familiar to Guile off guard. My main problem would be getting Sonic Boom’s out fast. Should I make that my first priority? I saw Gilley’s tutorial on being able to quickly shoot out Sonic Booms and it looks like I should definitely get right on learning that. For now, I mainly just rely on zoning and baiting people into jumping so I can air throw them. You’d be surprised how many people I won against using his airthrow/occasional Sonic Boom. If baiting them isn’t working, I usually jump in and try to grab them/do the sweep normal. Either way, if anyone can tell me anything helpful for starting off with him it’d be greatly appreciated.


There are lots around the other threads… for beginners… Especially the guile combos and strategies page…

Crouching HK is actually one of the WORST normals in the game…
There are even threads about how to pull off the super/ultra more consistently (db df backwars TK motion) etc…

Just look around… Know your charge time… that’s key to getting out sonic booms.


My bad then should have looked around more. Also, I may be thinking of crouching LK+MK+HK instead of crouching HK.


Nah, you’re thinking of his HK sweep. It’s the worst normal in the game. The second sweep might look intriguing at first, but know this: you can be attacked between the two hits.

If his sweep was just a 2 hit combo, hell yes, but it’s not, it’s 2 individual hits that players can and will punish you for in-between. Often people will either just hit you, or worse, focus-attack you, land the crumple, punish waaaay harder. <-- no thx.

I’ve shot my sweep usage down to maybe 1 per game. I mean hell I’d almost rather keep them standing anyways, Guile doesn’t have a great crossup game and as far as I know his wake-up pressure is just placing a sonic boom over their head. Which I guess isn’t terrible.


Alright thanks. It started happening to me just now that people began punishing me for using that move.


As a Guile player, once people learn your c.hk and air throw technique…lol…you will have to evolve and stay focused to pull off - crumple into combo attacks, the dreaded 1 linkers, and truely learn how to zone with SB’s, b.lk, b.mk…but yeah, Guile is badass, give it time and he will be a beast.


Thanks. Also, what does b.lk, b.mk stand for? I know lk and mk are light kick/medium kick, but what’s the b. stand for? Only three I know of are c.=crouch s=standing and j=while in midair or jumping.


I dont think you really have to worry about being predictable…Guile is pretty predictable. LP Sonic Boom a lot and try to chip away at them with anti-airs and pokes. watch these:


Air throw is actually not your best anti-air because it requires some prediction to use. Cr. HP is the bread n butter anti air.


Thanks. I assume the reason air grab is not too practical since a person who knows the matchup well can simply toss any attack out and interrupt Guile’s airthrow? Hence, why you must be spot on with knowing their going to jump in order to land it?


Its worth sticking, because I believe in the future he will get a boost (about 15%), so suck it up now (and use that to improve), and when the patch comes along with a bit of luck others will be toned down and you’ll get a boost, and you should start finding yourself winning those matches where at present you get pipped to the post.

The problem you have in SF 4 is if you pick “a better character” you’ll find that everyone knows the matchups, so the “advantages” of a character become less of a deal.

I would really like to main Abel, I just got a feeling in the hands of a master he could do so much damage as he’s like a mobile version of zangief.

But I just really enjoy guile, his character design, his style, everything about him is stylish.

I think he will get beat by a top balrog, guile DOES seem to run out of options at a high level of play and you can’t help feeling slightly bitter when others are tagging on an ultra and doing 40% damage, when you’ve spent so long chipping them down.

But if they sort out his super/flash kick, give him a little more damage and energy, he’ll be good enough to do damage at the top in the right hands.


Thanks. One thing nobody seems to say is that if you stick with Guile in SFIV despite him not being that good, and, get extremely good with him then imagine when the patch/next version comes out. If you were already good with him before and then he gets fixed, you’ll be able to dominate.


kefka, if you haven’t already checked these out:



If you got your TE stick, all of his moves will be easier to pull off. I was on pad for the 1st week or two and when I made the switch to stick his super and ultra started to come out more consistantly.

Everyone has seen this one:


Kefka do you play on xbl? I thought I seen the name there.


Very basic tip but extremely useful to be aware of for beginers to pretty much all charge characters is to ABC - Always Be Charging. For example you could pull off a HK Flash Kick and due to teh time it takes to connect, land and recover, if you began charging once the animation starts you are ready to either Flash Kick again or throw a Boom as soon as you have landed. You can charge at any point, on the ground or in the air as well as during teh animation of other moves. A good example of this is HP Boom cancel > Super > Ultra. The inputs would be as folows: Down Back ‘charge’ Forward and HP immediately enter Down Back, Up Forward 2 x Kicks > immediately start charging as Guile is in animation and as Gulie is returning to the ground input the Down Back, Down Forward, Up Back (or Up Forward) and make the last input as soon as he hits the ground i.e. 3 x Kicks to execute the Ultra. It’s pretty tricky at first but a very handy combo to learn as it covers many of the aspects that I feel are important to learn such as Supers, Ultras, Cancels, Sonic Booms, Charging and Timing.


I watched the Dieminion vs. Il Joe matchup a few times and noticed that Die did something really interesting with his sweep from time to time which was basically c.HK>FADC>p+k

Basically cancelled the sweep and went right into a throw which inherently reset the screen in a few critical moments.

I won’t argue that the sweep is pretty bad, but to call it useless? I’d like to think there’s more utility in it.


Sometimes you’re out of range to link a combo after jumping roundhouse and the double sweep is the only way to connect. I find this safe and useful versus Gief and Sagat as you need distance when jumping in. Plus, they have a large enough hit box.

It also puts pressure on a back flipping Claw.

If you miss the punish on a whiff like a tatsu for example you can get a second chance with the sweep.

My favorite use for it is comboing it after a jab boom. Works especially good in the corner. Jump in fierce, standing fierce, jab boom, sweep.


Absolutely, you could sweep>FADC>throw, and that’s fine to throw in once in awhile, but I guess a more apt way to put it is…

Never, ever, ever sweep unless there’s a plan behind it. Out of range for -all- other moves? Sure, sweep after the jump-in confirm, otherwise, better options.


Hey Kefka

Going along with what widewheels was saying, you do always need to keep that charge going. Hide it in combo’s, during jumps and after you already used a SB or FK. It’s good to also practice Guile’s BB combo, j.hk > c.mp xx FK. Get that down and you’ll be doing some good damage. And learn to be tricky with his overhead f.mp. Learn those basics first first and then worry about doing neat things like fadc > super > ultra and whatnot.

oh and b. and f. mean back and forward. I’m personally partial to f.hp aka his backfist. Combo a slow sonicboom with that.


One thing that I read about on here that has upped my game tremendously is being able to keep charge and boom pressure without constantly walking backwards.

So much of Guile’s game is zoning and finding the right range for pressuring and punishing each character.

Charging db, bazooka knee, even mashing jab (the classic) to hold ground while pressuring with booms. It can be a little predictable to always be crouching, but it all works.


ive always loved guile especially since mvc2 thats probably my all time favorite fighting game character. but thats besides the point. i want to start using guile but not as my main just my second character, sakura will always be my main, but anyways im having a hard time with combos especially with my mad catz fighting pad. how strongly would u suggest picking up a arcade stick for guile and i also have had a hard time with his combos, any hints or ticks for those?