Going to mod my Hori Ex2

Hi everyone! Second post here at SRK! I decided to make another topic about the actual modding of this stick. This was the stick I could afford so I am going to mod it.

I am going to perform this mod.


I am not going to put the shaft cover on and I was going to try a ball top instead of a bat top.

I was wondering if this ball top will work on a Hori Ex2


And I’m planning to put this gate in I just wanted to double check that it will in fact work on my stick and that it is a good idea etc.


So let me know, I am eventually going to mod the buttons when I have more money and feel more comfortable doing so, because I believe I need to solder for the buttons which I have no idea how to do. So right now I’m going to focus on the stick. Thanks all.

-Larsoney (Lar-Sun-E)

Not trying to be a dick or anything but, there is a thread that you could post this question in titled “The 360 Hori EX2 Quick Mod Guide (Plenty of Pictures)”. Actually it’s right below this topic, it has a step by step method of how to mod it but if that doesn’t help then I’m sure someone there will be more than happy to answer this question. Just trying to help you out before people start flaming you!


Oh my bad, I’m very new to this site so I am not the greatest at navigating, my apologies to everyone, I am going to head over that thread now. Sorry again.

It’s straight man, we all make mistakes.