Going to my first EVO! What should I expect?


Hey peeps, my name’s Ryan. I’ll be going to my first Evolution Championship Series this year and I’ll be competing in Smash Bros. Melee.
Is there any advice you can send my way so I can better prepare myself for my first EVO? Thanks guys :smiley:


People who smell like sweat, ass and Axe.

I call it “The Evo Experience”

  1. Before the tournament, get plenty of rest and eat light and healthy to get your energy levels up, but not heavy stuff that makes you feel sluggish

  2. Practice a good few months before Evo to get as much practice in as possible. If your goal is to do well, you want to make sure you’re as prepared as you can. Personally, I find that taking a break for 1-3 days before Evo is great to sort of relax and get the jitters out of the system, but that might be different for everyone.

  3. Please check the rules for Evo for your specific game. They’re not always 100% the same as Smash standards, so it’s important to learn what kind of format the tournament is, what’s legal, what is illegal, what time your pool is, etc… Be on time (or even better, be 15 minutes early) for your pool.

  4. Have fun! Evo isn’t just solely about the tournament. It’s an experience to get to know the national and international community! Besides the various booths, panels, potential documentaries, you also get to play casuals, meet people, make new friends, enjoy Vegas, etc…


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