Going to my first tournament and I need some help

Can some of you give me some good matches with Cammy so I can connect these combo links and be ready for this tournament, calling out Steinmania, Geoff The Hero, and other great Cammy players. You all mind getting a Endless match going tonight?

Yeah I’m good for tonight. Just got my net back.

And I’m gonna actually make a quick video later on today on how to deal with tournament jitters since I just went to my first big one a few days ago.

you don’t mention what region your in, i would be down to help out, but if your on the other side of the country it wont do you too terribly much good.

Dude good luck!! Rep that Cammy!!!:rock:

Honestly the best you can do is show up early and play casuals. It always takes me a few games to adjust to what ever set ups they have.

Sorry, I won’t be around tonight. Your Cammy’s not bad, just hit training mode and work on the links. Go there early and get used to the offline experience. Have fun. You’ll do well I’d think.

There is a tournament that I too, will be attending for my first time. Any advice? I’m a casual player and pretty much a novice. Not to mention probably the only girl in the tournament too… Haha.

Excellent… You will be center of attention whether you want it or not…

Arrive early and play a few casuals with people there to get used to offline play with people watching. Sip some water or soda just before the actual match starts to calm the tournament jitters. Take your time in character select and button checks… there’s no rule on how fast you need to check/complete them, the point is play at your normal pace, don’t rush into things. If you lose the first match, even if you only play Cammy, don’t mash through the character select, take a breather, take another sip of water or soda, go through the character select screen again like you gonna counter pick, calm down before entering the 2nd match.

During the actual match, for the first round of first match, get a feel of your opponent’s play style first by just walk back for a couple seconds and see how they open the game then proceed to play normally as you do.

@ faux123- that really sucks ass if I am really going to be the center of attention. It doesn’t help when I’m already nervous. Thanks for the advice :slight_smile:

I went to local tourneys pretty regularly in college… and was almost always the only female who actually entered. Not the only one present, but the only one competing. :sweat: Yeah, you’ll definitely get a lot of attention for your gender alone… but that’s how it is with any male-dominated hobby. In the end though, everyone’s there because of a common interest so I’ve had mostly good experiences attending gaming gatherings.


Just take it easy and see the event as a good learning and social opportunity - you can find people to hold local sessions with and pick up a thing or two by discussing the game, watching other people’s matches, and playing casuals. Even if you go 2 and out in the competition, you might as well make the most of your time there and enjoy yourself.

As for actually doing well in the tournament… play solid. A lot of times I see new tournament players get really nervous and want to prove themselves by doing flashy stuff or crazy combos, but just try to be on point with your punishes and do combos that you won’t drop. Presence of mind and confidence are much more important in a competitive setting than cramming game info.

Good luck, fellow Cammy players! :rock:

I’m replying using the itouch to check all your given advices right now cuz I’m at the tourney site now. Thank you everyone, wish me luck and I’ll do my best to represent everyone here. My turn to fight is in 3 more matches.

go go delta red


dumb little video i made to test my first vlog (not connected to any of my other channels) but gives a few good tips on reducing stress

I got placed 12 out of 50 today. Thanks for everyone’s support :slight_smile:

i remember my first tourney *tear

good job btw

Congrats on a good showing in your first tournament and Cammy representn…

so… how did you do at your tournament?

whoa whoa whoa hold up…a broad (pardon the word)…in a tournament…not going 2 and out…using cammy…and not thinking she’ll be the center of attention at a video game tournament…this is too much for me to handle right now lol…good job Lily

Rouse, how’d ya do man?

also as a cammy player…fuck gief…that is all.

i think tournament jitters are just a nature of the beast. i can go three or four matches without an issue and then all of a sudden, it get jittery during a match.

the best thing to do is exactly what everyone else has said. play as many casual matches as you can. at the last tourney i played in, i played atleast 200+ matches prior to the tourney. needless to say, i was warmed up. lol

one thing that is never mentioned though, is be prepared to wait if the tournament is big (100+ people). At the last tourney, I played a total of 5 tourney matches within a 6-7 hour timespan and had no option for casuals inbetween. During this downtime, watch as many matches as you can and take the time to calm your nerves. Drink a beer, eat a snack, or listen to music. Do whatever it takes to get you into your groove and never doubt yourself.

amen to that shit