Going to New York a week before EVO, where do I play?


Hi there :slight_smile:
I’m from Brazil and I’m attending EVO this year. I’ll also stay a week (from July 5 to July 11) in New York (actually, it’s in New Jersey but it’s really close to the bridge).
Since I never went to New York in my entire life, I would like to know where are the FGC spots there. Arcades, tournament places, etc…

If you can put a google maps link on those spots it would be really wonderful :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance and sorry about the engrish!


There’s not that many places to game nowadays in NY thanks to Chinatown Fair looking more like a Dave and Busters than an actual arcade.

The Next Level’s the only spot I know that will warm your reflexes before EVO.


Not that big of a fan for SF4:AE, but the guys there will give you a run for your money. Hope this helps.



If you’re close enough, there’s a place in Jersey as well.




Next Level in Brooklyn, as ShutUpMan mentioned…


I’m paying a visit to Next Level Arcade next saturday and play the “Savage Saturday”.
Unfortunately I won’t be able to play the battle circuit (wednesday is the worst day for me because it’s the days that I come to New York and then the day I leave New York to go to EVO)


Come through and meet us at 8 in the Break!


I went to Next Level and had a blast! Met a lot of nice people there, thanks for everything! :slight_smile: