Going to Spain, SRK travel tips assemble!

So yeah I’m leaving on the 1rst and I’ll be back on the 18th. I have a bunch of places in mind but thought why the hell not ask anyone who lives or has been there what I should see, do, experience, and anything I should keep in mind considering it’s my first time there.

I’ll be in Barcelona, then Madrid, then Seville.

well besides FUTBOL, I heard Barcelona has the best night clubs in the world

Ibiza, nuff said. And this is actually the right time to there bruv. It is the place of legends.

Shoot away if you have any questions. I live in Spain now.

Ibiza is hella touristy but has some nice sights if you know any locals to show them to you. Clubbing, party wise, it is the place beginning douches go to party.

Barcelona, you will be fine speaking english in the center/ Las Ramblas . It is similar to Madrid but aside from english, you will hear a lot of french and german in the center. Forget using spanish in some parts, they speak catalan.

Madrid best nightlife. Few people speak english unless you go to an expat bar. “The” club to go to in Madrid is “Kapital” all the pretty foreigners are there and all the spanish locals try to hook up with them. If you want to try “tapas” go to a place called “El Tigre” 2 locations in the center of Madrid.

Sevilla is nice for Flamenco shows. I have a lot of friends from there so I like the local cuisine (my girlfriend is from there) and places to party with the spanish people. Not sure about the touristy areas as I always go there with friends/the gf who are from there.

forgot to add, in Barcelona if you have time, day trip to Montserratt… I would do a bus tour in Barcelona that explore the east and west side. You can get on and off as you please but it is only a day pass and it takes I think 2 hours to do one round for west tour and 2 hours to do east tour.

I always heard Mallorca is the place to go if not Ibiza.

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You can go run with the bulls and get anally probed by a horn in Pamplona.

Oops, guess it’s not that time of the year yet…

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Have fun with their gay ass lisp. This is just my obligatory spaniard hate post.

You know anything about Comillas? Saw this movie called Primos that took place there and I loved how the city looked.

take over a tour bus to tell everyone how shinobi is so great.

I forgot to mention I’ll be with family so nigh clubs will most likely be out unless I can slip away for awhile. After waiting 4 hours to see the Taj Mahal I never want to get suckered into a longass line for a boring, worthless tourist trap again.

Is a guided tour a bad idea like I think it is? I suggested we just get lost at local places and explore ourselves, the idea of having some guide tell me what I can and can’t do and where I can and can’t go sounds contrary to the idea of a vacation. On the other hand I’m sure a guided tour will let us get to see a bunch of great places in a short amount of time.

A friend and his wife recently got back fom Barcelona and said I should check out Lasagrada Famille. More than anything I’m just hyped for the food lol, any restaurant suggestions?

Good luck dude and have fun there.

I have been there but never watched the movie but it is nice. Generally, anything in the northern parts/coast of spain is eye candy and more for the nature lover. Asturias region tons of natural beauties. Some nice beaches too. South of Spain is always warm.

Sagrada Familia is the “thing” to see in Barcelona. Kind of like if you go to Rome, you have to see the colloseum. It is curious, at times reminding me of an RPG game but for me personally, was not blown away. I am generally not a fan of guided tours unless you want to know the history of certain monuments/statues/streets/etc… If you are like me, then just ask your hotel/hostel for places to go if you don’t know any locals.

Madrid,Barcelona,Sevilla you can see all the important sights in a day or two depending how much walk/rest you need. If you have no one to show you around, the guided tour can be a good idea. The only reason it might take longer to see those cities, is the standing in line waiting to go see stuff.

Food to try, just ask the restaurant and they will let you know what is good. Nothing beats homecooked spanish meals <3 Having said that,

Churros (restaurant San Gines) In Madrid, most popular churro spot open all the time in the center.

I’ve been to Barca twice, and Madrid once. As a guy who speaks 0 spanish, my friends and I managed to get by pretty well. Madrid was just never ending events of randomness and funny shit. Barcalona is wayyy more touristy but still fun.

In Madrid we would walk to the city center area and just find restaraunts/shops/clubs to go check out. Definitely go to the park, I forgot what its called though. Oh and of course the little gambling places, which is a whole story/event on its own. Just being out and about you will see crazy shit there, at one point we even saw 3 old lady’s get hit by a cop car at an intersection.

In Barcalona, you have to go to sagrada familia but you don’t need to do the inside tour though (the line is rediculous). Las ramblas is cool to visit, also if you have time and your walking shoes goto Olympic Park (very nice views).

Since you are with your family a group guided tour would be worth doing IMO. I’ve done a fair amount of them and it’s worth it to knock all the sites out, but usually they try to take you by some shops and spend a few extra $$$ as well.

For restaurants, I don’t remember any names but most of the places we went to were solid. The one place I do remember was in Madrid, off a street in the center there was a restaurant with an alien head or spaceship logo (Green and black). Best duck i’ve ever had and pretty good dessert. The appetizer though was some wierd shit, Guac/tuna/red pepper dip…

Drink lots of booze too.

Just got to my hotel in MadridI think it’s called Melia, really nice place. Madrid looks a lot like a mix of Paris and the nice part of Queens. Staying for 4 nights, then Barcelona another 4, and 2 in Seville. Today were planning what to do in Madrid, personally I just want to eat good food lol. Kinda pissed I left the battery charger for my DSLR at home…if I find a Canon/ electronics shop ill pick one up but even then I doubt I’ll find an American canon 60D charger here lol.

At least I have my ipad and free wifi woot!

Basically my #1 travel priority. If I lived anywhere near a real city, I’d be fat or dead.

My fourth day in Madrid, tomorrow taking a bullet train to Seville. So far we’ve seen a shit ton of sights like the Royal palace, botanical gardens, futbol stadium, and many others rom the luxury of a van that showed us around the city and stopped at our leisure, definitely worth the 245 euros.

Went to a flamenco show here last night, I had no idea what to expect but it was fucking awesome, definitely a unique and memorable experience and the food was GDLK (steak and shrimp). A lot pricier than we imagined as the food+show for the 5 of us came out to 434 euros! So that was a bummer but it was worth it.

Today we were in Toledo…beautiful, I’m loving Spain so far, much more enjoyable than Paris, Rome, and most other places I’ve visited. Getting on bullet train to Seville tomorrow. Taking care of my half brother is hell and has severely affected the fun of this trip, but he’s cute and worth it.

Go here next, and take pictures. Just not of yourself