Going to tournaments and dealing with College schedules


To those of you who are in, or were in a similar situation, how did you deal with the schedule? Im going to be missing opportunities to play in majors this semester and it kind of sucks.

Im a CS major, so a lot of my projects and homework are kind of scheduled to be on weekends. I guess its not entirely impossible to avoid that, but it would definitely suck, and not to mention you’re missing crucial study time if youre at a tournament all weekend.

wat do?


Finish college…there will always be tournaments.


TBH it’s a lot easier to go to tourneys while you’re still a student. You may have more money once you graduate and become a self-dependent adult, but a lot of real life obligations will come your way (as well as begin to lose interest). Balancing college coursework may feel tough at the given time, but it’s still all kids stuff. You should enjoy it while you have it.


I dont know what you consider to be a kid, but im 26. Im definitely a late starter, and im a CS major, its not like im getting an english degree. Theres a lot of math and science involved with my degree, so its quite demanding, and as someone who has actually worked in my field as a programmer, I know full well that my schedule will become much easier once I graduate.


I dont plan on dropping out or anything, but I’d like to see how others managed to deal with the hectic schedule and still have a life, kind of.


try to frontload homework and plan ahead i guess :confused: i dont think there’s a whole lot you can do.


I think its very possible, but really difficult. I majored in CS, and for most of the time I was in school I was interning at a software company, and played a lot of SF during that time, and it ended up taking me 7+ years to finish. I think the thing that slowed me down so much was just taking 9-12 unit semesters more than anything though. It was never the couple weekends a year I spent at major tournaments.


I have more trouble balancing Tournaments & play time with full time work then I did with College.

& I did Culinary Arts 6:00 am to 1:00 pm Cooking Lab No sitting, then classes after that too 5 or 6:30 pm every week day.

Buts that’s me.

You"ll find away dude. Just sit down & brainstorm your schedule. At least you get holiday breaks.


Drop out of school and dedicate your life to ST and KoF.


I graduated with a bachelors degree in 3D Art 2 years ago. I wasn’t able to go to barely any tourneys the entire time i was in college. The only tourney i was able to attend was Final Round because it was close to where i stayed (lucky me) so i think you will be out of luck for the most part until you finish college.