Going to try to pic up drawing

…Nothing serious. Just something as a hobby…besides SF.

What would you guys recommend me trying to draw at first to get my hands, mind, prepared for this. I know it takes A LOT of practice…but what would you guys recommend. Cartoons, Anatomy, shapes…? Any help would be appreciated

So you wanna draw something?.. Is that it?..

Like manga, or any type of cartoon drawings. Or…Realistic…(which will take a shiet load more time…but hey it’s a hobby)

And how long have you been drawing?..

Lol on and off for about 2 yrs

LIFE DRAWING, FIGURE DRAWING, ANATOMY DRAWING…Animal drawing…take examples of shapes and objects around you to get a hands on idea of perspective and structure…Practice practice practice…
This all in consideration to what kind of skill you already have, and what you are truely searching for outa this all …

  • Just starting out? the absolute quickest way to learn is through life and Figure Drawing,ALSO drawing the human Skeleton is a Decent referance. Get to some classes right away,(if no classes pick up Anatomy books) youd learn alot there, Far faster than one who tries to do it on their own SOLELY through manga books etc…then after, and only then, when youve reached a level that you are satisfied with, apply the style of art you like here and there in your works- Facial Features, line strokes and weights- (the “how to draw manga” styles) its your choice-oh and for Quick Reference with drawing poses, have a mirror handy

for art styles, a definite comparison for what you are loooking for either Shinkiro realistic OR the Alvin LEE comic type-

  • Eventually one creates their own style in the process…anyways hope this helps…peace dude. :cool:

Yeah, listen to the guy above!.. Plus, which artist’s art style are you aiming to master/learn and take inspiration from?.. If you know Kinu Nishimura, I’m her biggest fan!..