Going to visit sweden

So im going to visit sweden soon, is there anything thing I should know about their country and their people?

Buy a ton of chocolate. You won’t regret it.

Big titty white bitches

Hold up…seriously?

It’s all white people, big tits no. Tall and thin like most northern countries.

They make delicious chocolate and Norwegians are often confused to be them in Horror movie settings.

Also calling them Sweeds could be a bad idea.


Sweden’s ethnic diversity is about 15%, mostly from North Africa/Middle East and mostly concentrated in Stockholm. But yes, Sweden is home to pure pristine white girls that make Taylor Swift look mulatto.

There’s not much to say really…
People know english well enough, unless they’re old. The older, the poorer the english skills.
The number six is called sex (which still means sex as well and is pronounced the same), could be useful to know.
Don’t bring a warm jacket, it’s summer.
Take off your shoes when you go inside a home, but keep them on in public places (like a library etc). Diverge from this and you’ll seem kinda weird.
If you’re religious, try to keep it to yourself. You’d socially be way better off openly gay than openly religious, I think. But I might be out of touch.
You just missed Dreamhack, which I guess is our main nerd tourist attraction.
For fighting game community go here
Youtube statistics states that after the UK, Sweden and Finland are the european countries that has watched MLP ep 1 (1 mil views) the most.

lol guess i fit right in

You know the sentence continued after “white people”, right Hecatomb? :wink:

Only problem also is I dont know what city I should go to

Then one with people and a chocolate factory, obviously.

Wait, are you talking about Marabou or are you confusing us with Switzerland? :confused:
Wouldn’t be the first time…