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“Saiyans are so weak!”


Combo Video

Annotations for this video

  1. 214S xx Vanish, dash, M xx jc. L xx M xx 236H, 236R2, Sparking Blast, 6M xx 214M, Frieza, R2 xx L xx M xx 214H xx 236R1

  2. airdash H, M xx H xx 214H, Sparking Blast, L xx L xx L xx R2 xx L xx M xx jc. L xx M xx 2H xx Empty Vanish, L xx M xx S xx 236H, Vegeta, H, jp M xx S xx 214H xx Vanish, 214R2

  3. airdash H xx S, M xx jc. S xx 214H, airdash M, S xx R2 xx M xx S xx 214M xx 236R2, Sparking Blast, jp 214M, Goku, jp 214M xx Empty Vanish, 214H xx 214R2

  4. airdash H xx S, L xx Android 16 xx M xx 214S xx Vanish, dash L xx L xx L xx R2 xx L xx L xx 2H xx jc. L xx L xx 214H, Yamcha, 236M, 236R2, Sparking Blast, 214S xx 236R2

  5. airdash H xx S, L xx M xx 2M xx 2H xx 214H, L xx L xx S xx 236L xx Vanish, R2 xx L xx L xx 214H xx Sparking Blast, 214H, S xx 236L xx 214R2

Another combo video

@dialupsucky combo video

And you can combo blacks level 1 with his level 3


Basic (no assist optimized) 2M-starter combos:


[quote=“AceKombat, post:4, topic:575155”]

Basic (no assist optimized) 2M-starter combos:


I went ahead and transcribed these combos:

[] Meter Conservative: 2M, M, 9M, L, L, 2H, H, M, L, L, 2H, 9L, L, S, 236 L, 236 HS - 5075 Damage
] Damage: 2M, M, 9M, 2H, HS, M, L, L, 2H, 9L, L, S, 236 L, 236 LM - 5082 Damage
[] Meter Conservative SB - 2M, M, 9M, L, 9M, L, L, S, 236 L, LMHS, 2M, M, 9M, L, L, 2H, HS, M, L, L, 2H, 9L, L, S, 236 L, 236 HS - 6307 Damage
] Damage + Combo Consistency SB - 2M, M, 9M, S, 236 L, LMHS, 2M, M, 9M, L, L, 2H, HS, M, L, L, 2H, 9L, L, S, 236 L, 236 HS - 6338 Damage



I’m going to learn that combo when I wake up




Goku Black TOD in both corner (4¾ bars required) and midscreen (6 bars required) variations. Requires 2 Assists that can loop 236H+S and have good DHC properties. I suppose the main difference is that, while it is a 2M starter, the proceeding combo uses the easy optimal BnB as mentioned above (which may serve to be more consistent).



Can we work on optimal versions of his corner loops?

I cannot get these down at all to save my life, holy fucking shit.

And I got the Cell loops down after 3 tries.


Hey well if they are hard for other people im not gonna complain, maybe my videos will actually get some more views then lol I actually showed you could combo after it in the first video I did for him when the game came out as well. Guess people missed it?

Anyway I already said though honestly I dont like goku black or the game in general enough to find the best version of it on every character. Just tested on a handful of characters saw it works, and decided to put in a trunks one just to show it works on smaller characters to in case anyone tried to say it only works on big characters. Maybe if vegito comes out and hes insane and has crazy combos id bother to find all his best stuff. But goku black just isnt interesting enough for me to care. Just wanted to show its there. For what its worth though I will admit on smaller characters it is hella fickle feeling. But bigger characters I think its doable for sure. But even for smaller characters game take that with a grain of salt because I wouldnt be surprised if people can find better set ups. I mean remember theres tons of ways to get the guy in the air solo besides the obvious ways i was showing. So some might be better to find a sweet spot