Goku vs Orochimaru!?

what the hell is this shit!!??

if this is old, my bad…i dont surf the net like some of u guys do.
I just didnt know how to feel after watching this vid…whether i should laugh or cry at tis…

What… in the FUCK.

OMFG!!! This guy reminds me of my friend. :rofl:

The way he said “This guy…” at 0:42 was just like him, eyes, smirk, and all.

I have a feeling my friend would get the same responses as this Keelios guy. He looks like some tall and starving Ethiopian. He’s played basketball on our school team but when you mention Naruto, his narutard self comes out. :rofl:

BTW, Epidemic, what is your av from?

Blood (film).

^close Shade

but its from Kill Bill

Dammit. That style + school girl fit threw me off.

Here I was thinking I needed to rewatch Blood again. Well, I just might anyway.

It was pretty funny.

I needed something random for the morning. Thanks