Gold Lightan Golden Thread

He’s that giant lighter, yo!


Senshahanshi :hcf: + :p: - reflect attack
Kuuhowari a.k.a. Gold Spin Kick :hcb:+:snkc: - Lightan does a breakdancing kick attack. Multiple hits. The first kick can snapback.
Gold Quake :d::d:+ :p: - stomps the ground with his feet. Stronger attacks = slower startup but wider range. Multiple hits when closer to Lightan.
Gold Press 360 :p: - grabs enemy and bodyslams himself onto it for 12000 damage!

Gold Crash :hcf:+ :2p: (can be done on air) - does Gold Quake but covers the whole floor of the stage. He then does a punch that normally rips out a robot foe’s heart. If done in air, there is little-to-no lag.
Gold Kick :hcb: + :2p: - does a kick attack which, after it connects, performs a Falcon Norris Kick which puts Chuck and Cap to shame. Deals quite a whallop too.

Gold Finger Crash :qcf: + :2p: during Gold Crash (2 levels) - the only 2 level “ultra”, if only because it requires you to do a hyper move. Lightan grabs the foe and brings that shit to the ends of the earth. Depending on the foe, it could deal 50-70% damage on health.

  • Change Gold to Silver when needed. :stuck_out_tongue:
  • He has two throws - his :l:/:r::snkc: or 360 :snkc: (Gold Press). Both are techable, but Lightan Press is hard to tech.
  • Gold Crash = grounded foe. Gold Kick = airborn enemy.
  • Always use air Gold Crash - less lag.

Basic combos:
:d::snka: spam
:d::snka:, :d::snka:, :d::snka:, :d::snkb:, :df::snkc:
:d::snkb: can cancel into :df::snkc:
:df::snkc: baroque to stand up :snka:, :snka:, :snka:, :snkb:, Gold Kick/Kuuhowari

Any recommended combos to use Gold Crash?

both his 360 grab and his regular grab can be escaped by just mashing after he grabs you. whereas before i thought his 360 was way too good, now i think he kinda sucks

Thanks for that bit of info…

Could answer what’s going on in this match… Unless there’s some crazy sync issue going on, it can also be escaped during specials, doesn’t seem to matter…

you have to react relatively fast to escape the 360 (or maybe just mash really fast. i’m lazy and just piano a bunch of times), and you have plenty of time to mash out of the regular grab

doesn’t really matter though, because what else is lightan going to threaten you with when he gets in? slow ass 6B? jumping C isn’t very fast either (but at least you get to combo gold finger off of it)

a lot of lightans moves are punishable on hit by level 3 supers, including low jab

you can get around his superarmor counter attacks by just doing a jumping attack, then jump cancelling it and blocking

so given what we know so far, is he starting to not seem so good?

I don’t know…sometimes he seems so great and othertimes so poor. Needs more time. What I do know is that him and PTX-40 have a fucking hell of a time beating Yami.

whats cool to me is that these guys are actually considered in making a teir list, seems like capcom (so far) has done a good job with trying to make giant robots playable, and beatable characters. and for that i applaud capcom. we just need to wait it out and see how good or bad these guys actually are.

They may have some merit as counter-picks. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I belive Lightan may be pretty good at dealing with Karas (who I’m sure will be very popular.)

Im guessing one “drop to hell super” and karas will have like 20% or 30% left.

Lightan has potential…seems like a viable character as many others on TvC

Not only that, but Karas doesn’t have many attacks that would be able to take advantage on Lightan. He can’t knock him over all day like Casshern, and he doesn’t have projectile spam like Megaman. Karas also doesn’t do much damage off single hits (he’s a combo machine) and Lightan has super armour, so he can just pimpslap Karas every time he tries to start a combo.

But then again, we’ll probably just end up seeing Karas/Alex teams to counteract that. 9_9

This post sums up everything I was about to say. I was really afraid of his command throw until I realized how enormous the tech window for it was. Then I was like “Uh, what can he do that’s safe up close?”

I was playing 300 in it a few nights ago. Nearly everything he tried up close got him hyper-bombed or stun gunned. Hell, right now I’d say that Lighten has to run away from Alex.

Morrigan with meters fucking locks him down for free.

I thought his jabs are quite fast. Again, his Gold Finger super is laglass if done in air.

I’ve been trying to pick up Lightan lately, and one thing I’ve found to be surprisingly useful is his j. Fierce (or C button…whatever). Obviously, Lightan needs to be fairly close to his opponent to do much of anything. Well, I’ve crossed up with his j. Fierce multiple times simply due to its large hitbox. But the best part? If you hit with the j. Fierce against a grounded opponent, you can immediately cancel into his Air Gold Crash for a guaranteed hit. I realize that j. Fierce is punishable as hell, but it’s a nice thing to keep in mind.

I feel like I need to rave about the Air Gold Crash more. It’s so good. Casshern calling in his dog = free Air Gold Crash. You can short-hop it and it’s a guaranteed hit every time. Ryu dumb enough to Shinkuu Hadoken on the ground? Air Gold Crash. Heck, I’ve done Air Gold Crash on reaction to someone dashing on caught them before they could block. It’s so freaking amazing. I’ll admit, this is coming from limited experience. Still, check out what you can counter with it.

My Yami strategy was pretty simple…Crouching or standing :snka: for a few times (depends on the form), then block with advanced guard…repeat. Dash in if needed. If you feel the 3rd form’s grab coming on (which I have NO IDEA how to avoid with the big guys) you just have to grin and bear it or…after some moves (the ground pound or a blocked heat ray/meteor shower) you can quickly do Gold Kick (HCB+2 moves) for some added damage if you think you can kill him before the grab comes.

It’s also hard as fuck to avoid the first form’s hyper-meter eater…but possible.

You can Mega Crash out of the grabs from Yami’s 2nd and 3rd forms. In fact you can Mega Crash out of about every normal and command throw in the game (just not Super moves like Alex’ Hyper Bomb). As long as you’re still in your opponent’s hands, you can Mega Crash out (which sadly means, your opponent also has another option to escape out of Lightan’s throw if they didn’t tech out).

gold lightan needs to baroque. a lot.

and why not? its not like he’s getting that red life back. the nice thing is, since lightan is constantly getting hit/chipped, he pretty much always has access to a baroque

corner combo: 3C -> 41236B -> baroque -> 214 super

does about 25k, looks tight

also, lightan doesn’t have a single low-hitting move

Are you sure you got 2B to 3C to combo? I can’t get it under any conditions.

Gold crash does not appear to be a combo super, more of a counter.

I’m interest in how Gold Lightan plays. Not how the cpu plays with him… Any videos yet? If not, can someone mash up a quick vid real quick of their best combos and stuff with him?

Sadly, everyone is staying away from the Giants, despite the fact that they have some potential if played VERY smartly.

People need to start making use of Lightan’s reflect ability when battling against characters like Megaman, Ryu or Saki for example. I see nobody try to use this move.

Well to be fair, people are forgetting stuff like Gold Crash taking up the WHOLE floor.