Gold Lightan Vids

This guy…

I know we’re talking about character changes in another thread, but I figured this is a good time to start a vid thread with the game coming out pretty soon.

Ahh, the vid that started it all…

I’m working on a combo vid.

Online match. Zork (Ryu, Morrigan, Tekkaman) vs me (Lightan). I’m known as Vivid Distortion on another website.

This is grand finals from an online tournament I attended. Me (Lightan) vs Magik (Casshern, Y-1)

Nice. I cringed when I saw those whiffed supers; it’s impossible to hit confirm online. One question, is that you recording? Also, what website are you on? I’d like to get in on those tourneys.

I don’t usually whiff supers like that, the matches weren’t that laggy, I was tired because it was a casual match AFTER the tournament. I have less laggy matches usually on average. It’s a website called
There’s a tournament today too.

This isn’t my Lightan but I found the videos from Gustavo extremely useful in learning how to effectively use the Giant. This is all online but he doesn’t abuse grabs so (shrugs).

vs. Chun Li / Tekkaman

vs. PTX40

Keep up the Lightan guys. He needs more representation!

The way he uses Gold Lightan’s 5B kick is wierd. How does 5B combo into another 5B? I can only get it to work rarely. I prefer the way I play Lightan more though, with more stomps and more combo’s that lead into gold crush. I don’t whiff my super’s as much as I used to. Button mashing doesn’t work so well with Gold Lightan, especially in lag and when he has many circular motions on his specials execution. I’ll have to update more videos soon.

He’s actually comboing 5B into 4B. Don’t worry it took me a while to figure that one out too. It doesn’t help that the Lightan boards don’t really have a central moveset discussion … guide … thing.