Gold Mode Johnny


Does his MF really kill you in one hit? In my game it does… I wonder if its a bug. It does ~580 damage in training on Ky.


Gold mode characters are maaaad broken. I wouldn’t be suprised.


And then he has a very very fast like DBZ dash crossup to make it even harder to block the MF which is still instant kill.


yep gold chars are Supar Broken!!! i was pissed at my friend since he started to use shadow chars and i picked him then he was like WTF jonnys too cheap in gold mode hell everyone is like gold faust sweep xx item superxN and you won, sol sweep xx dragon install super x 3-4 to increase damageand you win this is just the beggining now who said GGXX was a balanced game?


I am just glad they are not in the arcade version.


it doesn’t instant kill a lot or most of the gold chars. try playing ex gold johnny… his mist finer is a counter move…


GGXX is very balenced for a fighting game now a days

most players who refer to GGXX, they speak of it in arcade, not stupid gold characters

Gold were meant to be broken, thats why they only in console, they are just for “fun”