Gold Sanwa/Seimetsu Buttons

I am look for golden buttons…if they exist. I googled it with no luck. So my next option is probably paint them. So has any one attempted at painting them or even used a product called “Rub N Buff” on either Sanwa or Seimetsu buttons?

b15sdm painted Buttons.

those are pretty cool. any more info on how to paint them?


Seimitsu pearls might interest you. I don’t have them though so I can’t really know if it’s the color you are looking for.

imma be trying to pint my soon to arrive seimitsu’s rims chrome.

Seimitsu Pearls are kind of weird buttons. I like them – they feel close to Sanwa buttons in response but not as hyperactive, either – and are the only Seimitsu buttons I care to use. They’re very comfortable buttons but the marble look really doesn’t blend in well with a lot of customized art. You have to work to make the buttons look good with the faceplate art.

That said, the reason why they’re weird is that the photos really don’t represent the way the red and orange buttons look in real life.

The orange is a bit more yellow that it appears. The red is closer to a pink shade. The green and violet are close to neutral/middle of the road for those shades. The blue is pretty much a marble sky blue.

I didn’t like the way the yellow Pearl button appears in the catalog so I went with the orange color to represent yellow and don’t regret it…

FYI, most Pearl colors are still available although quantities of the buttons are shrinking since they’ve been discontinued for a few years. Pearls have also only been cast in 30mm size. I’ve never seen listings for 24mm Pearl buttons. Seems like limited edition buttons are generally only done in 30mm size. Occasionally you will see 24mm special buttons done for limited run Hori joysticks (HRAP 2 SA 24mm Dark Hai buttons) but those are the only exceptions I can think of…

The only Pearl color you can’t find anymore is the white…

Lizard Lick might be carrying a few Pearl colors since it appears may not have sold out of all his Pearl pushbutton stock…

i have some yellow pearls but it doesn’t look good in my theme.