Golden Armor Assist Worth It?

I see the majority of people talking about using Arthur as an anchor. I’m wondering what people’s thoughts are about putting Arthur first, popping the armor immediately and tagging in another character so that the dagger assist is in his Golden Armor state.

I’ve been running Arthur/Ghost Rider/Hawkeye this way. Basically Ghost Rider functions as my first character because he is usually in within 2 game seconds. I’m wondering if you guys don’t think the assist upgrade is worth doing it this way and if so, why. I appreciate anyones thoughts/opinions on this.

IMO, it is not worth it. Unlike Hsien-Ko, Arthur doesn’t need to go gold for his assist to be good. It’s not a bad idea, but it is risky.

I just put Arthur in the third spot and am Happy with regular daggers…
Golden Armor is quite risky even if you pop it when you’re alone to abuse xfactor…

Condemn myself to a inevitable hard knockdown I may not be able to stand in 2 game seconds seems like a very bad idea.
I think golden armor is matchup and situation dependant and should be used wisely as it’s quite hard for Arthur to protect himself when Golden Armor is about to break, poping it out everytime may hurt you more than help.

Usually, I’ll only power up my assist if my opponent is using a projectile assist that overpowers regular Daggers or if Arthur gets snapped in (which happens more than I’d like to)

beyond the assist, i think Gold Armor in alot of situations is an Arthur in-game nerf; Corner oTG gone, Axe gone, and that free hardKnockdown. I’ll throw it on with less than 20 seconds left, to escape certain moves(dat start up inv.), and if opponent burned XF already and i have’nt and i haz meter and i LAUGH!

i see Golden Armor being arthur’s key to victory if he’s your last character and you still have x-factor
sure after 20 seconds it breaks and you’ll be vulnerable to an attack from the opponent but i am sure by then you’ll have a meter to spend on throwing your regular armor back on

if they have little health and no x-factor using goddess bracelet to chip them out might be a better option
although arthur’s at a severe disadvantage when he loses his armor and ignoring that might come back to bite you

it all depends on the situation but most of the time it’d be best just to recover that armor and fast!

Golden Armor is well worth using…occasionally and carefully.

I disagree about recovering armor.

If I use Golden Armor, my opponent don’t die by it’s hands and I manage to somehow not die when it breaks, then I’ll fight as Underwear Arthur until the end.

Spending one entire meter that could be used on a Goddess Bracelet kill combo or a level 3 just to have some more irrelevant health is quite useless imo.
It’s not like Arthur is a godlike battery, that extra meter could be the difference between victory and defeat, the extra health probably won’t make a difference as Arthur can be killed in a combo anyway.

i just find naked arthur to be too risky when he’s you’re last character
if you have no meter fine but if you do then don’t go spending it on goddess bracelet if it won’t even kill them

I just don’t get the reasoning behind spending a meter to MAYBE survive the first hit. hehe

when he’s the last character and arthur’s lost his armor
it becomes a game of don’t get hit by anything! not even chip damage
people try to take advantage of arthur when his armor breaks because they know that’s when he’s at his weakest
No X-factor No Golden Armor and they got someone like wesker or vergil? forget about it…

No Xfactor, No golden armor against wesker or vergil usually means you’re screwed regardless of Regular Armor or Naked…

In fact, hitting them (even on block) with Goddess Bracelet can buy you significatively more time and space than spending that meter into get that regular armor back so you can be hit by some more chip…

What you need against Wesker, Vergil and other teleporters or fast moving character is them with fear of the fire dragon, and not them having to hit you with 3 more chipping moves before you die, chances are, if you get hit by anything that leads to a combo, you will die with or without regular armor and spending that meter to get regular armor back will only put you farther to having that fire dragon ready or being able to chain 2 or 3 Goddess Bracelets in a row to combo or chip them to death.

Spending a meter into Golden armor is not always your best bet to make as you can and WILL get bodied when it breaks, spending another one just to get back into regular armor just never looks like a good idea to me… If Arthur got ANYTHING else than just a negligible (for the end of the match) health boost then I’d consider this option, from my experience, wasting meter into getting the Regular Armor back is a plain bad idea.

golden armor assist would definitively worth it if it doesn’t come with all the risk involved in poping the Golden Armor so fast AND hard tagging…

I don’t think this discussion doesn’t belong on this thread, in fact it is pretty relevant, as the motives for not using the golden armor on point are the same ones that would make anyone not use the Golden armor powered assists.

by an assist only view and not looking at all the risks involved, then SURE, golden daggers assist is AMAZING. Specially against oponents with projectiles or projecile assists as it has the most durability by far in the projectile assists department.

This. The golden armor assist is so annoying you can hit confirm full screen away.

The only time I’ll get Gold Armor is if I can DHC into safely during a super. Hawkeye can do this perfectly with Arthur if he does his DP super.

To add, no XF no Armor Arthur is a huge threat 1v1 if he has meter stocked, usually obtained from the Gold Armor XF3 work. At that point, you can chain Goddess Bracelet into another or link a Level 3 from a single x3 dagger confirm.

I agree, I don’t Armour up Arthur until I’m down to two characters remaining. Then if I have meter I will DHC into Golden Armour and then immeidately Hard Tag back in the character that I was using. That way when he comes in after the second character dies, he’s already armoured, and then just needs to XF to get some things going.

… but yeah, it’s usually not a great idea to start him on point just to get the Armour and tag out. Cliffnotes: DHC into Armour if you have the meter, otherwise really don’t bother.

Personally only reason I’d golden armor Arthur up is if I plan on running bottle assist. Daggers gets a good priority and damage upgrade (I believe its 15 total low priority points, should be able to beat out anything else) but bottle becomes a lockdown nightmare with golden armor up. Honestly though I don’t think it’s worth the risk overall. I’m happy with just daggers, which is a great assist by itself.

its not like his assist is THAT much better.imo,its just slightly better.
on the other hand, since you are going to tag him out with i assume youre third charecter,than you have some things to consider.
a scenario could be that youre opponent has allready burned theyre X factor, and its just youre arthur vs there last charecter. so you come in with gold armor, and you use x factor. arthur has the heavenly slash infinite with x factor+gold armor infinite,if you wish to be ballzy.or,you can take the safe approach and just domminate with chipping theyre health bar.the crossbow will follow them if they jump or dash.the lance is thrown so fast and gives alot of chip damage.and the firebottle is just too good.

I appreciate all the responses, there is quite a bit here on both sides of the fence regarding the value of the GA assist to think about. I guess one of the reasons I am really drawn to it is because not only does it up the projectile durability from 9 to a whopping 15, but the daggers penetrate through the opposing main and can hit a called assist character which is a nice bonus. Since I save Arthur as my anchor it means I usually get quite a bit of use out of it without ticking any time off the GA clock. When I use it with Hawkeye it creates huge walls of projectiles that throw some people off. Of course good Weskers just teleport around it.

It was actually the New Testament that even gave me the idea that it might be worth pursuing. That being said, if someone knows what I’m up to and starts chasing Arthur down while waiting for the “Fight” command to come it makes it much more difficult to GA him up and tag in a secondary character. If they hang back at all I don’t have any problems doing it and frequently I’ll get the first hit as the second character tags in with an attack. I’ll have to play around with it more to make up my mind. I really liked seeing everyone’s thoughts on the subject so thanks agin for the replies.

Well, I might not be that great a player, but I always air on the side of caution for GA assists. Usually if I can kill the person with Arthur at the end of a THC, then I GA and switch right back. I have lost too many times trying to be fancy with GA.

Back in Vanilla I used to do this all the time - but since I would be starting Arthur and tagging into Zero, if you can’t get it done safely, one of those two are going to die in one combo. That’s a complete waste of a team member for a marginal assist upgrade. Only time I do it now is when I need to DHC into Goddess Bracelet to finish my plate, then GA and quickly tag out before the next guy jumps in.